Review: Crux Passport Half Corona

Crux cigars came out of the gate with a large social media presence and a contest that drew a lot of attention. I was lucky enough to score a 5pk of these Passport Half Coronas from this, and was happy to give them a try.

The Crux Passport Half Corona is one good looking cigar. The wrapper is a smooth, medium-brown, and it took quite a while to be able to see the seams. Such great construction. Add to that a clean pigtail cap and a closed foot, and this cigar is hard to beat, even before lighting it. The cold draw shows notes of leather and tobacco. Along with a little tingle on my tongue.

The Crux Passport lit right up and started with a nice little spice kick, with notes of leather and wood. The retrohale has a strong spicy blast and just pours out white smoke. The flavors changed up as it progressed and became much more smokey, wood at the end.

In the second third of the Crux Passport, leather moved into the forefront with the wood notes holding up the background. The spice has really picked up as well. Nearing the end of this third, the flavors switch up again and the smokey, wood notes come to the forefront.

The final third of the Crux Passport Half Corona is a similar mix of leather, wood and smoke. Except that the spice has kicked up even more. My whole mouth has a nice tingle to it and I am really enjoying the experience. The smoke production has been impressive from such a small cigar, with thick, white clouds pouring out the whole time. The ash was nice and tight, and was a smooth light grey, with some charcoal banding and spots. The ash held on for a third of the cigar at a time, with no problems, and no need to touch up.

The construction on the Crux Passport Half Corona proved to be at least as good as the first impression led me to believe. Perfect. And the small size left nothing out, incorporating many flavors, that were always full. I kept getting an occasional sweet, fruity note that was proving hard to pin down, but I finally concluded on apricot. Making this a full-flavored, medium-full cigar for me. One that can be fit into a tight schedule, with a burn time right around 45 minutes. And, you know it’s always a good sign when I have to break out the Cigar Clip.


95 - Box Buy Not sure how these will be sold, but a box would not be a bad idea. ;)

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