For my second Crossfire Cigar review, I changed it up a bit, choosing a Crossfire Maduro Magnum. It is a great looking cigar for sure and it lives up to it's name. The Crossfire Maduro Magnum is a large 6x60, though it also comes in a Gordo 5.5x56, and a nice, albeit hefty, in hand feel. The wrapper is extremely smooth and has an attractive, chocolate-brown coloring. Much lighter shade than what I am used to seeing in a maduro and I was interested to see how the flavors were.
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The foot of the Crossfire Maduro Magnum smelled of sweet tobacco, cream and there was even a slight hint of chocolate. Now, that will make you salivate right there. I used my punch cut, made a nice circle cut in the tip and took a cold draw. Pretty much the same notes on the cold draw, except I detected a bit of leather. The draw was spot on too. Very clean pull, even with just a punch cut, I believe the Element I used has a 9mm.

Once lit, the Crossfire Maduro Magnum hits off with sweet leather and nuts. There is a nice amount of smoke, not extremely thick, but large amounts of it. Even just holding it, there is a nice trail of smoke streaming up the barrel, before lifting off at the tip. The retrohale is robust and smooth. It doesn't burn or make my nose tingle, but it does give a welcome sensation of contentment.

The second third starts off very similar to the first. Sweet leathery notes with tobacco and nuts. Puffs of the Crossfire Maduro Magnum are very light in texture, in the mouth, but the flavors are very robust. The nuttiness increases quite a bit once into the second third, pushing the leather and tobacco notes to the background. Unlike in the beginning, the retrohale at this point has developed a sharp bite. A nice little kick-in-the-pants, after a smooth, calm start.

The final third of the Crossfire Magnum Maduro was dominated by leather and nutty notes, and maybe a little earthiness in the background. About halfway through, I hit a spike in the spiciness that I had gotten from the retrohale finally came through. It only lasted for a few minutes before returning a mellower profile. It took me two hours to get past the band, which I slid back in the last pictures, and it was dinner time, so I put it down. I definitely would have smoked this stick even further if I had the time, it was still very tasty.

The Crossfire Maduro Magnum, for me, was right up to the full-bodied range, maybe a bit less at times. It started smooth and easy, but shifted to more complex and full as it went on. The smoke was always full and the ash was white...and I do mean white! Very nice burn for such a large ring gauge and the ash stayed on for about an inch before falling off. Definitely another hit from Crossfire for me. I really enjoyed the nuances of the light shade maduro wrapper, and recommend you give it a try.

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Comment by Nate Martin on October 16, 2013 at 9:00am

nice review bud!

Can't wait to try this one already knowing how well Crossfires smoke and the great people

Comment by 007MI6 on October 16, 2013 at 10:23am

They are great guys and they make some awesome cigars for sure!


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