Review: Crossfire Habano Executivo

My final Crossfire Cigars review of the week is on the Crossfire Habano Executivo. Yet another awesome looking cigar, IMHO, from the guys over at Crossfire. The Habano wrapper is a deep, rich brown and a littler rougher than the other blends, with a large vein around the front of the cigar. It wasn't any sort of problem, just something I noticed.
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The foot of the Crossfire Habano Executivo, and the cold draw for that matter, have a strong chocolate flavor, along with rich tobacco and some coffee. The draw is definitely tighter than I have had on any previous Crossfire, but is is still within range of a good draw. And the flavors are definitely nice. I spent a few minutes pulling on the cold draw and enjoying it.

You have to be careful lighting the Executivo's, because it is so easy to just torch that little ring gauge tip. I was able to get this one lit quite easily and the burn was perfect from the start. It never needed any touchups or relights, which is always nice to get from the perfecto shape. But what did the Crossfire Habano Executivo taste like? Well, the first third is like smoking coffee flavored, Nestle Quik chocolate mix. It is mostly chocolate notes, kind of a dry dark chocolate, that's why I liken it to Nesquik. But there is also the coffee undertones, that were present in the cold draw. A little sweet but not too much. What more can I say? That's a pretty awesome profile for me!

The second third of the Crossfire Habano Executivo doesn't switch up too drastically. The sweetness tones down a bit and some leather notes move in to take its place. I notice just a bit more spice in this section, but it really isn't that much to me. The burn is still excellent, the smoke is average but plentiful and the ash is still holding on from the beginning.

The final third makes a larger transition than the last. Leather and rich tobacco are the main theme of the Crossfire Habano Executivo now. The sweetness is gone and there is a little bit of mild spice lingering. The ash held on all the way to the main band and probably would have gone further, but I lost it trying to remove the main band. Which is one thing I noticed on ALL the Crossfire cigars I had, the band is glued on there pretty well. It can't be slid off and this one almost had to be torn off, but it finally let go. 

Almost perfect burn needing no attention, great looks and great flavors. Definitely a cigar that I would like to keep on hand. To be absolutely honest, I have fully enjoyed every Crossfire Cigar blend I have had. The Connecticut and the Platinum being my absolute favorites and the Habano & Maduro are solid runner ups. Now I just have to acquire a Corojo, to complete my experience. Final thoughts? I would like to keep a 5pk of each on hand, because these are definitely going on my "go to " cigar list.

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