Review: Crossfire Connecticut Executivo

With Crossfire Cigars coming on Cigar Chat this Thursday, I figured it was time to start smoking my stash. This morning seemed like a perfect time to light up this Crossfire Connecticut Executivo. I am a sucker for shaped cigars, especially perfectos like this one. This Crossfire Executivo is a very clean looking cigar, with smooth lines and a great color.

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The pre-light smelled like a marshmallowy, sweet tobacco, and just added to the already great looks. The cold draw was just as good, with a toasty, marshmallow flavor. I could tell this was going to be a nice, mellow smoke, and perfect for a morning cigar. I had only clipped off a small section of the tip and it had a very smooth, easy draw, even through a small opening. Looks, construction, smells AND flavor?! We are off to a good start.

I used a single torch to light the Crossfire Connecticut Executivo, because of the small diameter foot. Otherwise, it would be really easy to torch the first inch of the cigar. After a good light I take a couple puffs and get a nice mellow, thick smoke. I am getting a thick, creamy draw every puff. It has a very tasty smokey, marshmallow-like flavor, and the creamy smoke just adds to this profile. At the tail-end of the first third I start to get a nice spice on the retrohale.

The second third is very smooth and creamy, with similar marshmallow flavors, as those present in the beginning. The spice that I got at the end of the first third is already gone, and I am getting a little bit of woody notes. The ash at very tip of the Crossfire Connecticut Executivo was a bit loose and I knocked it off, but the rest of the ash was very firm. As you can see in the pictures.

The final third became a little bit less thick and the woody notes ramped up a little. It was still creamy, but it didn't have the same thick, smoke feeling in mouth. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Crossfire Connecticut Executivo. The creamy, marshmallow flavors would be perfect anytime to me, but were perfectly suited for a morning smoke. Definitely better on a clean palette or with light fare. This is my second Crossfire Cigar, the first was a Platinum, and I am really enjoying their blends. So, look for another Crossfire Cigar review tomorrow!

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Comment by RobbyRas on October 15, 2013 at 10:40am

Nice review Jerad!  Sounds like a really good smoke... I find that I am in the mood for cigars like this more and more... 

Comment by 007MI6 on October 16, 2013 at 7:56am

Thanks Rob! I have definitely developed a much larger appreciation for connecticuts since the AKA Solace came out. This cigar is very similar, and a great smoke. :)

Comment by HardlyClerkin® on October 16, 2013 at 10:20am

How can you not love something that gives off a marshmallowy flavor?

Comment by 007MI6 on October 16, 2013 at 10:24am

I know right?! :)


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