Crossfire Cigars Corojo Toro (6 x 50)
   Hello, friends! Welcome back to reality. I should be telling myself that. It's taken too long to get this review up, but here I am. Today's review is of the Crossfire Cigars Corojo. I was sent this cigar, along with a few others, from Bryan. A great guy, and a great Brother of the Leaf indeed! The company's mission according to their site reads: "To passionately create high quality hand rolled premium cigars at an affordable price! Our vision is to create jobs, value people and empower the community while crafting great handmade premium cigars!" What more can you ask for? They are proud of their cigars, their company, and their people, but are also quite humble. So, now we move on to what you're waiting are their cigars? Well, let's get to the meat and potatoes of it, than.
   I take a good sniff down the length of this light tan stick and smell some sweet barnyard notes. There are a few noticeable veins, and the seams are decently smooth. The stick has an even pack. Not too tight, and not too loose. Tobacco spice, reminiscent of oregano, and some wood notes are detected from my sniff test of the foot. The pre-light draw is open and smooth with sweet and spicy tobacco notes.
   Upon lighting, the draw smoke instantly delivers me spice followed by sweetness. The burn starts off a little funky. Wood notes appear as spice floats back and forth along my tongue. Retro-haling reveals cedar and white pepper.
   A bittersweet creaminess appears on the draw. The smoke is smooth and silky. Smoke from the foot flows in an even stream as the burn line evens itself out. The draw is creamy with a bittersweet nuttiness and wood. Mild coffee is present as well. Ashes are light gray, tight, and about an inch and holding.
   Tobacco spice picks up a little on the draw and lingers thru the finish alongside bittersweet nuttiness and wood notes. An even and consistent smoke so far. The ash looks great. Chocolate enters the mix in small doses as the second third is quickly approaching. The ash final falls as I begin the second third.
   Spice lingers. The finish lasts until the next draw with nuttiness and tobacco spice. The draw resistance is excellent. Nuttiness and wood notes  pick up on the draw with continued tobacco spice on the back end. A bit of meatiness enters the draw smoke as the creaminess is fading away. Chocolate notes still linger, but lean more towards a coffee flavor now.
   Meatiness and cedar are dominant thru the retro-hale with a touch of spice. Very smooth. The coffee and nuttiness pick up; the spice and cocoa linger on the finish with a touch of coffee. The burn remains quite even and the smoke consistent. I am really enjoying this one. A great morning smoke with a cup of coffee. Retro-haling is smoky and peppery. I love it.
   Tobacco spice, coffee, and wood notes take precedence now as what little cocoa is left lingers on the finish alongside spice and woodiness. I take the first band off as I enter the final third.
   Creaminess returns to the flavor profile. The cocoa flavors pick up on the finish and helps the creaminess follow thru. This construction is excellent. The ash is hanging like Jordan. Sorry...had to do it. Coffee, wood, and tobacco notes dominate.
   I remove the primary band without incident. The ash falls for the second time after about two inches of durability. Tobacco spice dominates the profile and what little cocoa and coffee bean notes that are left.
   I get down to the nub, and the smoke becomes a bit bitter for my mood and taste. I say "Goodbye" to this wonderful smoke!
   This was an excellent, consistent, and tasty smoke. I highly recommend this to my morning smokers. A good dose of spice, as expected with a Corojo, but also even amounts of sweetness and woody notes. Go get yourself a few of these and let me know what you think! Better yet, Follow @CrossfireCigars on Twitter. LIKE their Facebook page and let them know what you think! Communication is the key to creating more products like this that make us, the consumers, happy. Great people, great smokes. Check them out and do yourself a flavor.

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Comment by Paul Stephens on October 19, 2013 at 9:40am

Great detailed review Nate.  I just don't have that varied of a palate - hell at my age I'm glad I've even got a palate.

Looking forward to getting mine in the mail - yeah won a sampler pack....

Great show, I'm hoping I'm just as pleased with the cigars.

Comment by Nate Martin on October 19, 2013 at 12:52pm

Thank you, Paul! Youll definitely enjoy them!


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