Review: Cornell & Diehls Founding Fathers

An aromatic blend of burley and black cavendish, Founding Fathers has an infusion of exotic pomegranate flavoring. It's been out of quite a while, but then again, I've only been smoking pipes for the last year, so it's all new to me. ;) The aroma has me ready to go already!

Founding Fathers

Company: Cornell & Diehl Inc.

How Packaged: 2oz tin

Style: Aromatic

Tobacco Used: Black Cavendish & Burley 

Casing/Topping: Pomegranate

Cut: Ribbon

Bowls Smoked

Date Purchased/Obtained: 6/25/15

Storage Method: Mason Jar

Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge

Price Point: ~$14

Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

Quick Note: To view the Pipe Tobacco rating system used, click here.

Tin/Jar Note: The aroma from the container is quite nice. There is the subtle note of tobacco, but mostly there is a really smooth, fruity note. It’s not overpowering, or like the tobacco was drenched in flavoring. But it a nice note of it.

Visual: Founding Fathers is a mix of tan, medium brown and black tobacco, laying very loosely packed in short ribbon pieces.

Flavors: I can tell that this tobacco is flavored, but it isn’t punching me in the face. It was more of a clean and smooth, natural sweetness added to natural tobacco notes.

Smoking Experience: Founding Fathers is a really nice smoke. Pleasing, naturally sweet flavors and no real bite to disrupt that. Once I got a good light on the bowl, it burned just fine, although it definitely burns hot. Didn’t seem to affect the flavor, but my pipe was hotter and normal and the draw was hotter than I am used to. Again, not a detriment, just a note.

Tobacco Strength: Mild-Medium

Body: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Comparable Tobacco: N/A

Conclusion: Founding Fathers is a great tobacco. Clean burning and smooth, creating a very nice room note. It’s a great middle-of-the-road tobacco between flavored and non-flavored tobaccos. You get a nice fruity sweetness, without feeling like you are smoking a Jolly Rancher. ;)

Rating: 4 Stars AKA "Keep in the Rotation"

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