Review: Cornell & Diehl Nutty Irishman

Nutty Irishman is an aromatic pipe tobacco from Cornell & Diehl. Ribbon cut and topped with liqueur. Yep. I’m done writing, time to smoke!

Nutty Irishman
Company: Cornell & Diehl
How Packaged: 2oz tin
Style: Aromatic
Tobacco Used: Black Cavendish & Burley
Casing/Topping: Alcohol/Liquor, Irish Mist
Cut: Ribbon
Bowls Smoked: 4
Date Purchased/Obtained:
Storage Method: Mason Jar
Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge
Price Point: $
Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

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Tin/Jar Note: Sweet liqueur aroma, similar to Irish Cream, and some natural tobacco sweetness.

Visual: This is a ribbon cut and you can see a lot of various sizes of tobacco pieces. Some long strands and a lot of smaller pieces. Mostly a medium brown color with light tan and almost black tobaccos interspersed.

Flavors: Very creamy body to this tobacco, with only the slightest amount of sweetness. I kept getting hints of Irish Cream and Frangelico. There was just the slightest, random tongue bite, but there was a nice little liqueur bite that I enjoyed.

Smoking Experience: This tobacco lit up perfectly and burned to absolute perfection. And the smoke production was extremely thick. Even outside in my Gulf humidity, with the wind blowing 20-30mph (the wind has been crazy the last week) it burned perfect from start to empty bowl. Nutty Irishman was an absolute joy to smoke.

Tobacco Strength: Mild to medium at best.

Body: Medium

Room Note: Very Pleasant

Comparable Tobacco: I would say it’s comparable to the Drew Estate Tsuge aromatics, but a little less sweet and with more bite.

Conclusion: A pipe tobacco that tastes like liqueur when you smoke it. I’m sold. Not only were the flavors great and spot on for my liking, but this stuff burned from start to finish. No need to keep relighting and the smoke was just fun to play with.

Rating: 4 Stars AKA "Keep in the Rotation"

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