Core Zero Indie Robusto (5 x 52)
   Welcome back, brothers and sisters of the leaf! Today's review is of the Core Zero Cigars Indie. I've already had a few of these, so I know what to expect. I extend tremendous gratitude to Bryan Butler and the rest of the folks at CZ for the sample pack of cigars. Now, let's get to the review.
   I've smoked two or three of these already, like I said earlier, so I know what to expect. What IS unexpected though is this crack in the head of the cigar. No big deal. I clip the cap of, and a bit of the wrapper comes off. Like I said, no big deal. I'm sure this is all my humidor's fault.
   I sniff the foot of the cigar and smell sweet and spicy notes from the tobacco. The sweetness is dominant along with some barnyard notes. A bit of a leather scent presents itself from the cigar itself. The cigar has minimal veins to show on its toothy tan wrapper. Seams are visible, and of course, there's that little eye sore at the head of the cigar. I'm sure it will not be problematic.
   The pre-light draw is open and reveals sweet barnyard and spice. Instant tobacco sweetness and spice notes greet me upon toasting. A pleasant aroma surrounds me and the draw smoke is plentiful. Sweet nuttiness and tobacco spice are the main points of flavor from the draw with an underlying cedar.
   This is one of those cigars that's enjoyable on just about any occasion in any weather, and it is extremely affordable. It rings up around $4.00 a cigar (according to Core Zero's website prices).
   Retro-haling reveals a bit of smokiness, cedar, and a bit of white pepper. There is a slight zing on the retro-hale, but I believe even a cigar smoker who primarily indulges in mild cigars can enjoy this retro-hale.
   You can see just how toothy this cigar is by the ash alone. It's quite wonderful. I begin to taste shelled peanuts on the draw, a tad bit of saltiness, and a slight tobacco spice on the back end. The ash falls after hanging on for over an inch.
   I notice a bit of vanilla in the draw as well as a slight nutmeg. Sometimes, slight nuances of flavor are missed, despite how much you are enjoying the cigar. It could be the fact that you are enjoying it so much that you miss something!
   The smoke is smooth and creamy with continued minute doses of spice on the back end. Such a pleasant smoke for this cool and sunny day. As I make way to the second third, spice picks up on the draw. The finish is heavy with wood notes; sweet and chunky flavors. There is barely any spice on the finish, which is at a medium duration of time. Retro-haling is smooth, creamy, and filled with smoky and sweet cedar notes. The aroma is outstanding.
   The burn line is even and the ash is a dirty gray color. Nutmeg is still noticeable thru the draw, but the vanilla is tapering off. The ash falls again after about an inch.
   Spice picks up a bit, bringing with it a touch of cinnamon. The draw is still dominated by sweet wood notes. The finish has fallen victim to the nutmeg, cinnamon, and sweet and spicy tobacco notes. I'm noticing a salty sweet, almost molasses like sort of flavor joining the nutmeg in the draw smoke with cedar continuing to hold the fort in the background. Cedar and light cinnamon notes control the finish flavors and hold until the next draw. I remove the band with no problem as I'm steamrolling towards the final third.
   The smoke output is great. It comes out heavy and thick thru the draw and flows freely in steady streams of white smoke from the foot. A little more spice is introduced via retro-haling and the baking spices on the draw have transferred to the retro-hale as well.
   Woody notes and tobacco spice are picking up and dominating the draw smoke. A tad bit of bitterness seeps into the draw as I'm making good pace in the final third of the cigar. A bittersweet woody nuttiness appears, like a mix of cedar and walnuts.
   At this point, all the flavors have just about worn themselves out. Up until this point, this smoke has been pleasant and extremely flavorful. This stick should be a staple in your daily rotation of cigars! Thank you so much, Bryan Butler and Core Zero Cigars, for this wonderful smoke! Lucky for me I have a couple left to enjoy! Enjoy your day, my friends, and continue to stay smoky. Break outside the box and try something new today!

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Comment by Matt Ross on August 18, 2013 at 2:49pm

What can you tell us about these?  I understand these are made by a band?

Comment by Nate Martin on August 18, 2013 at 2:59pm

Yes. Core Zero band members helped create it. They are all at the moment or past Law Enforcement/Military members. Based out of Colorado. The cigars are grown and manufactured in Nicaragua.

Comment by Nate Martin on August 18, 2013 at 2:59pm

Their "Metal" line, a medium-full bodied cigar is being revisited and tweaked before they re release it to the public.

Comment by Brandon J Luna on July 24, 2014 at 1:30pm

Glad you dug it Nate.


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