Review: CI Legends - Orange Label by Rocky Patel

CI Legends: Orange Label by Rocky Patel Toro (5.7 x 54)
   This review covers the quite established CI Legends cigar, the Orange Label from Rocky Patel. I have high hopes, being that I enjoy Rocky Patel cigars and am also a loyal CI customer, so we'll see how this goes.
   From first smell, the scents I receive from this cigar are an earthiness as well as hay. There is a sort of barnyard and hay-like flavor on the pre-light draw.
   At first light, I'm instantly hit with spice on the tip of the tongue and an earthy spice kick on the finish. The aroma of the foot smoke is a spicy, nose tingling aroma. The smoke rises from the foot in a consistent and even stream; quite airy for now. There is a lot of pepper thru the retro-hale and a slow, fairly even burn line.
   Fair resistance from the draw provides no issue, so I pay it no mind. The spice has toned down since the beginning of this cigar. Let me note, to my youthful and (somewhat green at times) palette, I can't discern any dominant flavors as they all seem to be swirling around in a smoky melting pot.
   As I move farther into the first third, I taste a sweet sort of nuttiness from the draw with hints of spicy tobacco and hay on the finish. The cigar burns extremely slow, but the draw has become a bit of an annoyance already as it is still quite tight. Hopefully the draw does not become worse; to be optimistic, it should loosen up farther down. The finish is quite short, unlike from earlier when the cigar was lit. Retro-haling reveals a sort of pencil wood taste.
   Into the second third, I begin to taste notes of creaminess and toast. The flavors are beginning to mellow and distinguish themselves. The finish holds a warm tobacco flavor on the back of the palette and is still quite short. Barnyard and hay flavors seep into the finish and I taste hints of coffee thru the draw. Creamy, thick, and warm smoke comes thru the draw heavily. This is definitely a complex smoke, full of different flavors and textures. The ash-white, compact, and flaked with gray-falls from the cigar shortly after the second third mark. A warm, sweet nuttiness teases the palette. The retro-hale continues to be heavy with pepper, and the pencil wood notes begin to diminish. Smoke thru the draw has become chunky and the flavors begin to mesh again. Coffee and hay are still notable on the finish.
   Approaching the final third, the smoke is chunky and the mouth-warming spice has returned. The finish is longer, lasting until the next draw. I taste warm, earthy spice as the creamy notes fade into the background yet I still taste a mild sweetness. Strength from the nicotine begins to seep in, but nothing too exciting. Right now, this cigar is still quite mild in strength.
   The draw has finally opened up since the halfway mark and the smoke flows more freely from the foot. Retro-haling has become more woody and smoky, sort of like wood chips slowly burning from a pit-smoker. The foot smokes slowly but burns hot and I taste a slight hint of cocoa on the draw. Ashes no longer want to hold on further than half an inch.
   Barnyard flavors return to the palette as the cigar burns closer and closer to the nub area. The finish lasts longer as a spicy sweetness sets back onto the lips. The nub becomes warm and spicy as my lips start tingling. It's time to put this one down before I end up burning my fingers!
   This was a medium strength cigar with a plethora of flavors, which is no surprise as it comes from Rocky Patel. Tasty, spicy, and complex. These are the three words I could use to describe this cigar. Near perfect construction, minus the tight draw in the first half. Would I smoke this again? Yes. I enjoyed picking apart the flavors and textures from this cigar testing my knowledge as well as my palette.
   Thanks for checking this review out, and I hope you enjoy this stick too!

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Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on August 17, 2013 at 2:16pm

I am surprised. I really haven't found much from RP that I enjoy. I might need a pick a few of these up.

Comment by Nate Martin on August 17, 2013 at 2:31pm

yea, from what I read from people who aren't really RP fans, this is one of the few they enjoy.


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