Chogüí Cigars launched in 2014, but it didn’t hit the US market until 2015. The Dos77 Rogusto was released that year. The name commemorates a box of the original Primera Edición, limited to 300 boxes and only sold in the Dominican Republic. During the trip from the factory in Tamboril, Santiago and Santo Domingo, one box was lost. Box number 277. Get it? The Longsdale, which is the cigar reviewed, was released in 2016.

Chogüí Dos77

Size: 6.5 x 46

Vitola: Longsdale (Lonsdale)

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Criollo 98

Filler: Dominicana Corojo & Havana 2020

Factory: Undisclosed

MSRP: $9.75

Cigars smoked for review: 1

Cigars for review provided by: Fellow BOTL

Prelight: The wrapper is pleasantly pungent, with a barnyard profile of sweet, cut hay, earth and cocoa. The foot note is deeper, with a little bit of dark, dried fruit notes. The cold is different again, with a breadiness and notes of fruit, black pepper and cedar. Very nice!

Beginning: The first third of this Dos77 longsdale starts out with a nice full body. Up front there is a fruity note, that seems like a mix of cherry and dark, dried fruit. There is also a bready, cedar note which is fighting for dominance. There is also a muted black pepper note on the rather long and dry finish. The retrohale makes an interesting, cherry-bread flavor, that I am loving. The ash is a little flaky and the burn a little wavy, but it’s not affecting my enjoyment of this cigar.

Middle: As the Dos77 transitions to the second third, the sweet and fruit notes fade and a meatiness takes over. Black pepper, seasoned meat and a worcestershire sauce are what I am getting, which is interesting. I am also getting a heightened amount of pepper spice on my lips. Towards the end of this third, the sweet and fruity notes make an unexpected return. The burn issues from the beginning have corrected.

End: The final third sees a similar profile, but the black pepper is more upfront. It isn't so much spicy, as it is just black pepper flavorful. There is also a fired wood note. I’d say it is like a charred oak note. This third is not as smooth as the first two. I would have preferred it to remain that way, but that's a personal opinion.

Final Thoughts: Lots of good flavors and a lot of transitions to keep you interested. The first two thirds were quite good, minus a wavy burn. The final third wasn’t bad, but I didn't fully enjoy the pepper heavy and charred wood profile. Overall, it was a full bodied, flavorful cigar with medium-full strength. A worthy smoke for sure, I need to try some more and get a better picture. But the flavors and ride they take you on is awesome, this is a palette tester. I think that possibly with another try, this might become a box split.

Rating: 89 "AKA" 5 pack

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Comment by Doug on January 24, 2017 at 7:13pm

I believe I had the robusto and had a similar experience.  Decent cigar.  Nice review, you've been kicking out a bunch lately.  Nice work!

Comment by 007MI6 on January 27, 2017 at 4:10pm

Thanks Doug. Yea, I've been reviewing like crazy this year. Gotta try and knock out all of these new cigars! ;)


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