I’d be lying if I didn't say one of the great side benefits of being a reviewer is the boutique cigars I get to try out.   Many times I get to go into a review not expecting anything, or having any preconceived notions of what I’m about to smoke.   The other benefit is that I get to do research into the company behind it and try and understand all the background that went into a particular cigar.   This Casa De Entrada Entrada (formerly Cigarcia) came to me by way of cmac1988 at the Annual September Chicago Tweetup.   He asked me whether I’d be willing to review and post my results.  Given that I will review any cigar I thanked him and agreed.

Thank you to Casa De Entrada and cmac1988 for the opportunity to review this cigar.




The nose on this is mostly wet cedar.  I spent some time trying to pick up anything additional here but was unsuccessful.


This Casa De Entrada Entrada comes in a box pressed Toro measuring 6” x 60 ring gauge.  There is a band on the foot indicating Cigarcia and a white and red Entrada band.  The construction here is flawless.

The Entrada line also comes in a Toro with a smaller ring gauge, measuring 6” x 54.   The wrapper is San Andreas Maduro (which I happen to greatly enjoy), and is rolled in Nicaragua by Casa Fernandez.   Casa Fernandez runs a program for retailers that gives them the opportunity to blend and come up with a uniquely branded cigar line.   This cigar is relatively new, with the blending session originally started in February of 2013.

The name Entrada came from a brainstorming session where they landed on ‘opening’ or ‘beginning’. The Spanish translation was Entrada and the name was solidified. 




First Third

Lots of pepper on the first few draws.  There is some interesting earth and leather mouthfeel post draw.  I would describe the start here to be quite savory.  The pepper falls right off in intensity and there’s some subtle spice that comes in.  There is some cedar I can pick up at the 15 minute mark.  The flavor intensity start to fade as I close out the first third.

Middle Third

The flavor intensity is still dialed down going into the second third.  The earthy post draw is barely perceptible and all that is left is a light leather mouthfeel.   The light spice that was present in the first third comes back and is stronger but in balance with the leather.  There is some sweetness at the end of each draw, no doubt from the San Andreas Maduro wrapper. 

A good amount of tobacco strength hitting home at the halfway mark. 

There are no other flavor changes to remark on for the remainder of the second third.

Last Third

Earthy going into the final third.  The tobacco strength is definitely towards the fuller end of the medium full spectrum.  Minor bitterness halfway into the last third but it dissipates quickly.

Intense earth flavors to close out the cigar.


The burn is quite even with some minor touch ups.  The ash holds well for the entire smoking experience.  Cut with a bulletproof cutter, the draw is slightly towards the open end.   The Entrada stayed lit quite well for the smoking experience without any babysitting.  Total smoking time was 2 hours and 15 minutes.


This can be picked up at 4 different B&Ms as singles for about $9.40 MSRP.    This are also available in 20 count boxes.

Final Word:

The Casa De Entrada Entrada is listed in the medium to full range for strength, and I would put it well towards the full strength end of the spectrum.  My gut instinct was that the cigar felt young and would really benefit from a few months of rest.  The pricing on these is approachable for a boutique cigar, so I will no doubt pick up some more in both the 54 and 60 ring gauge and rest them to see the results.   I’d also be interested to try this blend in a smaller vitola, like a 5” x 46 or 44.   If you’re looking to try an interesting boutique cigar, I don’t see how you can go wrong picking up an Entrada to compare for yourself. 


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