Review: Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto Corto

This is my review of the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto Corto (4.87x52).  I purchased a 5 pack from Cigar Monster. Final tally was $3 a stick.



Very subtle nose of dried nuts and light earth.  Didn't pick up anything else.  Not a lot going on in the nose department.


Construction was excellent. Veins were present but wrapper was smooth and rolled well.  Cap is nice and neat.  Unfortunately I rushed taking the band off and damaged the wrapper.  What resulted was a total disintegration of the last third as I finished.

The fault definitely rested with me and not the cigar.


I've had the Exodus 1959 Gold previously and quite enjoyed it.  This was my first experience with the Silver.

First third

Definitely tasting the nutty flavors I smelled earlier.  A subtle sweet tobacco that left a slight and enjoyable aftertaste on the center of my tongue.  Not much else going on in the flavor department.  Very simple.

Middle Third

Got a bit of spice as it moved into the second third and the nutty flavors fell away to be replaced with earthy tones.   

Final Third

Not a lot going on in here in terms of complexity.  Wasn't able to distinguish the last third with the second third.  I had no expectations going in, so I wasn't let down.  In terms of flavor, this was a simple and easy smoke from start to finish.  The flavor hides the strength, however as I got a nice tobacco buzz near the end.  I would say the the flavor is mild to medium and the strength is medium to medium full.

Burn / Draw:

No problems lighting and the draw remained consistent.  Each easy draw was met with a nice creamy cloud of smoke.  A single draw was all that was required to keep it lit.  Ash burned smooth and a nice white.  I managed to have a reasonable ash going until it finally dropped off in the last third.


Another $3 stick that seems like a great bargain.  A box of 25 can be found for as little as $90 which works out to $3.60 each.  For a well constructed stick with good strength, that's an excellent value by any measure.

Final Thoughts:

The Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto Corto falls into that strange in-between place where it's a good cigar, but simply not to my tastes.  I prefer something with more flavor complexities.  For those looking for a medium to medium full cigar that won't over power them with flavor I'm not sure you could find a line out there that could beat it in terms of value.  This would be a great smoke for people new to cigars, or those who gravitate to medium flavor cigars but want something with more strength.


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Comment by Peter Brown on January 23, 2015 at 12:32am

Nice review! I must say Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto is a must try for all enthusiasts abound and should never disappoint.


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