With the passing of Buddy Ryan two days ago, I started thinking of the greatest team ever- the '85 Bears. This of course got me wanting to watch 30 for 30: The '85 Bears and at the end documentary with Ditka light up, I needed to get myself a Camacho. I didn't have one of his "Ditka cigars," but I had been smoking some of the new Powerbands by Camacho so I grabbed one of those. The cigar is labeled as a "power and muscle cigar," something that goes hand in hand with the '85 Bears, so I was good to go. I don't typically smoke cigars that are labeled as "power and muscle," but it is always good to take the path less traveled and see where it takes you. 

Cigar: Camacho Powerband Toro

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Factory: Occidental Cigar Factory

Wrapper: Habano 2000 (Ecuador)

Binder: Negrito San Andres (Mexico)

Filler: Corojo Ligero (Nicaragua), Original Corojo Ligero (Honduras), San Vicente Ligero (Dom Rep), San Vicente Viso (Dom Rep), Piloto Cubano (Dom Rep)

Length: 6"

Ring Gauge: 50

Vitola: Toro

The Powerband has a beautiful dark wrapper that is maduro in coloring and it is a wrapper that shows medium sized veins throughout. The cigar is rolled very well, firm throughout, and is finished with a nice cap. There are a few oils present on the wrapper, but not much and it is smooth in texture. The wrapper is giving off a sweet aroma that is showing notes of coffee, chai, dark chocolate and cream, while the foot is giving off aromas of strong tobacco, rustic earth, hay, minerals and herbal qualities. There is a nice cold draw, and you can pick up those foot aromas with the draw. 

The first third begins by delivering some unique flavors. I am getting some herbal and mineral qualities up front, but it is quickly followed by this sweetness and cocoa profile that is completed with a nice bit of earth, strong tobacco and a plethora of pepper. It is a quick burst of flavors and a complex one at that. It is fairly consistent as well, so puff after puff is delivering this profile. It is a full flavored cigar and with that is a full body profile. I would say that the strength is right up there as well, and to go with the name of the cigar and the brand, it is a full all around. The construction is top notch on the samples and I am getting an even burn line with a solid charcoal colored ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly and a nice bit of smoke is being produced with each puff. 

As I enter the second third, I find that the flavor profile is in with the first for the most part, but it has a much stronger and pronounced finish. It continues to deliver that mineral and herbal flavor profile up front and is followed by some sweet earthiness. It is on the finish though that I pick up a strong bit of pepper notes and with that are some smoky wood and tobacco notes. There is a touch of coffee beans as well and it is a long finish. Overall, the cigar remains full in terms of body, strength and flavors and it captures that Camacho quality to it. The construction is perfect in this third as well and I am getting that even burn line with that solid charcoal ash on the end. The draw remains cool and there is a good bit of smoke being produced. 

The cigar finishes by delivering a  balanced flavor profile that is a departure from the first and second third. I am picking up dry earth qualities and it is paired with dry wood, leather and tobacco notes. There is some spice present and it has a finish of pepper. The pepper is not as strong as it has been throughout, softer now and it blends in well with the flavor profile. The construction is top notch as well and the cigar smokes cool to the end while delivering a nice bit of smoke. The ash has that nice charcoal coloring and it remains firm on the end. I would say that it finishes at a medium-full level in all areas, and it makes for a lovely finish. Too much strength and body and I think it would have had too strong an ending. This finish was perfect and made me want another Powerband. 

I really enjoyed the Powerband and what the cigar had to offer. It had a flavor profile that was solid and complex, and it remained consistent from beginning to end. You can say it lacked transitioning, which it did, but the flavor profile present was solid and enjoyable enough to stay enjoyable throughout. There was a lot of body and strength to match the strong flavors, and it delivered that Camacho quality. Along with that, there was balance. At no point did the samples simply overpower me or was something taken away by strength. The construction was fantastic throughout as well and I was always finding myself having a perfect burn line with a beautiful charcoal ash on the end holding firmly. They smoked cool from beginning to end and you can't ask for more in a cigar. What I love about Camacho right now is that they are continuing to deliver that Camacho character while doing something totally different at the same time. They are recognizing there are only so many Honduran blends you can release and changing things up quite a bit. This showed strength and flavors from a great bit of tobacco, and that is what I enjoy in cigars. Personally, I would not smoke a lot of these because the strength level is too much for what I typically smoke, but I would definitely have these in the humidor for those times when I want something of this caliber. With all of this being said, I am giving the cigar an 89. More than likely I would have a five pack in one of my humidors but I would also buy a box of these at a Camacho event. 

Overall Rating: 89 AKA "5 Pack"

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