C&C Roll Back Connecticut Robusto (5 x 50)
   Hello, again! Glad to see some of you are still following along. Today I'm reviewing a cigar sent to me from my friends at Stogie Boys. C&C is represented by former Cusano president Joe Chiusano. This brand of cigars was debuted in 2011. Today, the company has various lines for the everyday cigar smoker to try with most of their tobaccos hailing from the Dominican Republic. Now, on to what you're here for: The Review.
   I pull this cigar from its cellophane and sniff the foot. A nice aroma of hay and spice fills my nostrils; maybe an oregano sort of scent. Quite pleasant. The pre-light draw reveals barnyard and spice notes. The cigar has minimal veins and tight seams; the wrapper is very smooth.
   I toast the foot up and the draw is a bit tight; one side of the foot takes a second to catch up to the other. There is a mild spice on the finish and dry woodiness from the draw smoke, almost like chewing on wood chips with no water. Luckily, I have a bottle of water ready to go. The ash is a dark gray with black specks and the foot smoke is minimal and wispy. The char line is still a bit wavy but is beginning to even out. Hints of leather tiptoe into the mix and the ash falls off about after about 3/4 of an inch. Foot smoke aroma from this cigar remind me of charcoal, which I have no problem with. These leathery notes definitely dominate the first third and the retro-hale opens up more flavor with a smooth pepper. Flavors start to flicker on and off the palate as a creaminess arrives to the taste party, teasing my tongue as the second third approaches.
   Your standard tobacco notes begin to fall in line with the earlier noted spice, woodiness, and cream. It's a nice mix. The draw is still a tad tight for my taste, I'm hoping it opens up soon. Retro-haling really makes these subtle flavors pop. I'm really not big on the mild cigars, but they're great for testing your retro-haling abilities. A nuttiness akin to macadamia enters the mix. The ash holds on for about an inch and an 1/8th this time and falls to the ground. This cigar has definitely gotten tastier. Cream, spice, and woodiness mingle together, and it's quite pleasant.
   The finish is longer now and a bit buttery. That's a new one for me. I like this. Buttery spice and wood chips, with the spice picking up as I blow smoke out of my nose. As the final third approaches, I'm thinking I may have underestimated this cigar.
   The tightness of the draw hasn't let up, but the power of the flavors compensates for that. Nicotine creeps in as the tobacco notes flare up and roll over my tongue, turning flavors into a bittersweet salty caramel. A hint of smokiness floats around on the finish. The creaminess has almost faded completely as the spice takes control of the back of my palate and the caramel woodiness holds the front line. I lose another inch of ash to the deck as I get ready to put down the nub.
   This is a mild (to some it may be heading towards medium) cigar geared towards smokers looking for just the right amount of flavors to satisfy your palate and your budget at the same time. Keep your eyes open for these because at this price, they may not last long. (There is a link below where you can find this, and many other C&C cigars, for an exceptional price point)

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