C&C Corojo Robusto (5 x 50)

   Hey, friends! I'm back with another review for you all. This time it's another C&C from my friends at StogieBoys. This cigar is one of my favorites so far from C&C.
   I smell the foot of the cigar and detect hay, cocoa, and earthiness with a mild sweet scent. The pre-light draw is open with notes of earthy hay and spicy sweetness. The cigar is rugged and rustic looking with slight toothiness. Toasting the foot is easy and instant tobacco spice reaches for my senses, but a run starts as soon as the cigar is smoking.
   An earthy spice aroma surrounds me from the evenly streaming foot smoke. The burn line evens out as fast as it began. Spice is felt at the back of my palate and my throat. Retro-haling is smoky and peppery. The earthy hay rises up as a little sweet earth and baking cocoa tickle the tongue on the finish for an even amount of time. Spice backs off from the draw as a slight woodiness appears. It lingers on the finish following thru until the next draw. Draw smoke is chunky. The baking cocoa picks up alongside a slight creaminess. The predominant flavors are cocoa, cedar, and tobacco spice. Earthiness dabbles around in the finish.
   Approaching the second third, the cocoa brings out its old friend, the coffee bean. Cocoa remains thru the draw into the finish. The spice has settled down and only remains on the finish, which has become shorter. The draw smoke has become thick and creamy and the ash is holding well. No major flavor changes have occurred yet.
   The finish has become a bit dry with more cocoa and woody notes. More earthy coffee flavors enter the draw. The burn line is a little uneven now, but not outrageously so. A bit of smokiness enters the draw and retro-hale as the ash finally falls to the ground; nearly half the cigar's length. Spicy tobacco and earth return to the draw quite suddenly as the spice also returns full-force thru the retro-hale. Red pepper spice now flirts with the smoky notes.
   The thing about these C&C cigars is that they have quality flavor and construction at a minimal price. They remind you that you can enjoy a good cigar without busting your wallet (which is perfect for me).
   Earthy sweetness appears on my lips and the tip of my tongue; cocoa and spice dominate the finish. Woodiness and the earthy coffee notes simmer on my palate awaiting there turn to be complimented. The tobacco spice ramps up once more as the nicotine comes creeping thru the seemingly endless, ever-flowing smoke.
   Beginning the final third, the woodiness takes the reigns with the cocoa taking the back seat. The ash is not hanging on well. All of the previously noted flavors begin to swirl around together with tobacco spice and cedar-like woodiness at the forefront. The aroma has become a little less tasteful, even though the remainder of the cigar is only lukewarm.
   All flavors are quite even: Cocoa and coffee, cedar and tobacco spice; an even playing field for the end of this cigar. A smooth creamy draw and quite the even burn line. A very good first impression for the C&C Corojo. I would definitely grab some of these cigars if the flavor profile sounds like it's up your alley.
   Thank you again, StogieBoys for another chance to review a good, decently priced cigar. Thanks again to all of my readers and BOTL for supporting me!

Pictures, Cigar stats, and more can be found at #TheCigarCollection : http://www.martincigars.blogspot.com

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Comment by Generally Useful Jared on August 19, 2013 at 7:56am

Got one of these resting in the humi. Definitely looking forward to trying it.

Comment by Nate Martin on August 19, 2013 at 8:09am
Comment by Generally Useful Jared on August 23, 2013 at 7:14pm
Had the toro, turned out great! Will get more.

Comment by Nate Martin on August 23, 2013 at 7:54pm
Glad you liked it Jared!


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