Review: Brun del Re Don Corozza Special Edition Churchill 7x48

             Last year after IPCPR, I reviewed a cigar from a Costa Rican manufacturer that I really dug called the Brun del Re Colonial.  I had received a couple samples from the owner, Carlo Corozza, whom I interviewed here: Carlo Corozza Interview. One of the samples he gave me at that time, was his Special Edition Don Corozza in the Churchill format.  Normally it is hard for me to find time to review cigars this size due to time constraints, so I had forgotten about it until recently when I started digging through my humidor of samples for stuff to review before the show.  I found this gem waiting patiently for me and blocked out a couple hours to sit down and see what the Don Corozza  was all about.  I can only assume that given the limited information of the blend on Brun del Re’s website, that this is a blend for Carlo himself.  I will find out more this year when I head to the show, and am excited to see what else Carlo has in store. 

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan

Dry Draw: I swear I tasted fig newtons

First Third: Bread, nuts, and hints of spice lingering on the finish made for a splendid introduction to the Don Corazzo Special Edition.  I detected a hint of vanilla on the retrohale at times, and I just wanted to hold the draw in my mouth as long as possible.  The retro had plenty of depth, as notes of cedar, vanilla, bread, and spice all hit my note pad at different times.  As this third progressed, the Don Corozza became very creamy and the nut notes well defined on the intake. 


Second Third: The nutty creamy profile continued to impress, while a liqueur burn developed on the retrohale.  Coffee notes began to arrive and the finish was long and delicious.  By the mid-point, the body had moved towards a mild cream soda profile, with the slightest amount of spice balancing the flavor out.  The draw had all the cream soda notes, which met post exhale with the notes of the retrohale to create a bouquet of flavor notes on my pad.

Final Third: The Don Corozza was delicate in nature by now.  The draw provided the bready, nutty flavors but the creamy texture left.  In terms of body, the cigar became mild, while the flavor coated the tongue on the intake and left a long finish.  There was a distinct cumin spice, earth like in flavor, and the cumin took the lead of the profile leading the final change in flavor.

Construction: no issues to report

Final Thoughts: Box Split – 90. 

             I rated the Don Corozza a 90 on the low end of a box split.  For my tastes, this is an excellent cigar, and I feel that Carlo and I have very similar tastes in blending.  I would have no problem buying a fiver of these, and would consider a box split on a smaller size, as there is a robusto available in the line.  The two cigars I have reviewed from Brun del Re have been excellent, and geared towards the mild-medium smoker with minimal spice.  I do not think this is a cigar the modern American palate would enjoy nearly as much as the European market.  Heavy Nicaraguan smokers and fans of spicy full-bodied cigars may not find the hefty power they are accustomed to experiencing.  For someone like me, the Don Corozza is a perfect pair for a French meal and an excellent beer pairing like a Hoegaarden white ale.  

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Comment by HardlyClerkin® on July 14, 2014 at 11:04am

Giant but sounds like an awesome smoke, great review

Comment by Tyler on July 14, 2014 at 11:22am

Another stellar review brother.  Keep up the hard work.


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