Being rather new to the industry, during the IPCPR show, Jerad and I made a point to go on missions to meet new folks to establish relationships with people not connected to cigar Federation.  One of these vendors was Brun Del Re based out of Costa Rica.  Alan Fonseca, of Ezra Zion, is a big fan of Costa Rican tobacco, so when I saw their banner representing Costa Rica I was immediately intrigued.  Jerad and I sat down with Carlo Corazza, the man behind the brand, and the interview can be found HERE.  Carlo gave me several blends to sample, one being the Colonial, which is a multi country blend with the wrapper hailing from Costa Rica.  Brun Del Re has tobacco roots in Italy, and set their base in Costa Rica, while employing tobaccos from several countries in all their blends, so I made it a point to review a sample as soon as possible.  The Colonial caught my eye on this fine evening after a wonderful scampi dish made by yours truly. 

Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Nicaraguan, Costa Rican

Dry Draw: For a maduro, it sure is light!  The dry draw was very interesting and reminded me of dried berries and nuts


First Third:  The Colonial started very mild-medium, with a dry retrohale.  The nutty profile I detected on the dry draw was apparent quickly and pointed to hazelnuts.  Cinnamon undertones were added by the retro, with a bit of cedar in the back of my mouth.  A creamy draw complemented the hazelnut flavors, and made for a wonderful finish.  Towards the end, I found the assortment of flavors to remind me of a good cappuccino without any sweetness.  So far, you could consider me a fan of Brun Del Re as the Colonial was right up my alley.

Second Third:  There were no major flavor changes during this third.  The draw stayed very creamy, and the hazelnuts and cappuccino flavors built into a very rich profile.  The main difference this third was a round rich finish mid tongue I found very pleasant.  So much so, I found myself enjoying the blend instead of taking notes.


Final Third: The rich finish was very good and continued to impress this critic.  Cedar was lingering in the back of my mouth, and the hazelnut cappuccino qualities filled my palate with joy.  The Colonial was very consistent through the finale, becoming more pronounced and building in body.  I detected a bit of grassy notes towards the end as well, but not enough to influence the overall profile.

Construction: No complaints here, although the wrapper seemed a little fragile at the band.

Final Thoughts: I think I stumbled upon a great company that totally fits my palate.  I like mild-medium cigars, typically blended towards the European market with less body.  The Colonial absolutely fits that profile and is a damn good smoke.  I cannot say it had unbelievable depth and complexity, but what it had was distinct flavor and consistent balance.  Whoever is blending Brun Del Re has similar tastes to me, so I would recommend this to old school smokers.  For the aficionado, I always suggest trying blends employing unique tobaccos to grow your palate.  For the full-bodied fan, this is a morning smoke, and I think everyone would enjoy it with coffee.  Personally, I would love this with a dessert coffee after a rich meal.  Thanks to Carlo for taking the time out to talk to us and give us samples.  I look forward to reviewing more of his blends in the coming months.

*You can purchase Brun Del Re cigars HERE

**Follow Brun Del Re @Brundelre

***Follow me @CattishBluezz

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