There isn't too much to preface with an aromatic sometimes. Really, it comes down to a couple things. If you even like aromatics and if the topping is too heavily applied to the tobacco. I do enjoy some aromatics and this tobacco smells amazing! Apparently, it was blended by Dan and a customer turned good friend, to be exactly what they wanted. Let's see how they hit my palate.

Sweet & Mild

Company: Boswell Pipes & Tobacco

How Packaged: Bulk

Style: Aromatic

Tobacco Used: Black Cavendish & Cavendish

Casing/Topping: Cherry, Coffee, Whisky

Cut: Ribbon

Bowls Smoked: 4

Date Purchased/Obtained: 11/01/15

Storage Method: Mason Jar

Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge

Price Point: $3.15/oz.

Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

Quick Note: To view the Pipe Tobacco rating system used, click here.

Tin/Jar Note: Very nice! A sweet, smooth blend of cherry and whiskey, with a hint of coffee in the background.

Visual: A dark, crinkly ribbon cut blend of mostly dark colored tobaccos. It looks as though it is moist and wet, but it is in fact a very nice moisture level.

Flavors: Dark, natural cherry notes, not that sweet. There is a slight whiskey “burn” in the back of the throat. The coffee note is there, but it is more of an unbrewed, raw coffee flavor.

Smoking Experience: It does not smoke as sweetly at it smells in the tin, or from the room aroma for that matter. Best of all, this stuff burns awesome! Lights up and burns with zero to minimal relights.

Tobacco Strength: Mild-Medium

Body: Medium

Room Note: Very Pleasant

Comparable Tobacco: Bears a resemblance to Drew Estate’s Heirloom Cherry, but it is not as sweet and has the added whiskey bite.

Conclusion: First, I’ll say that whiskey “burn” & whiskey “bite” are used in positive terms here. :) I really liked them, and they mixed great with the cherry and coffee notes. The burn was excellent and the profile and finish were very nice. I could tell it was flavored, but it didn’t scream in your face or coat your mouth with the topping. I fact, I have liked in more and more with each bowl, as I learn the nuances in the body.

Rating: 4 Stars AKA "Keep in the Rotation" – Purchase enough to keep it in the rotation

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