Ben Lee sent over a few samples of some of his tobaccos to me a few months back. One such tobacco was this Boswell Berry Cobbler. A very strong smelling aromatic, which can just about fill a room up just by opening the container. I almost want to eat the stuff, but I figure that wouldn't work out so well. So, I've been smoking it instead with decent results.

Berry Cobbler

Company: Boswell

How Packaged: 2oz tin

Style: Aromatic

Tobacco UsedBlack Cavendish, Burley, Cavendish

Casing/Topping: Fruit/Citrus

Cut: Ribbon

Bowls Smoked: 3

Date Purchased/Obtained: November 2015

Storage Method: Mason Jar

Pipe(s) Used: Drew Estate Tsuge

Price Point: $7.95

Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

Quick Note: To view the Pipe Tobacco rating system used, click here.

Tin/Jar Note: Lots of deep, extra sweet berry notes and a little liquor bite. Like a creme liqueur.

Visual: It’s a dark, ribbon cut mix of wet-looking tobacco. I say wet-looking, because it looks moist but it is actually a very nice moisture content. Neither too wet or too dry.

Flavors: Berry sweetness, of course, and a nice mellow vanilla note. The aftertaste is a natural tobacco note.

Smoking Experience: This Berry Cobbler smokes great. Only a handful of relights, and it burned to ash all the way down. No gurgle, bite or overheating.

Tobacco Strength: Medium-

Body: Medium

Room Note: Very Pleasant

Comparable Tobacco: This is the sweetest smelling and best room note tobacco yet.

Conclusion: Opening this tobacco smell like a jar of sweet cotton candy. The unlit aroma and room note are phenomenal, if you like aromatics. Once lit, the berry notes become more subtle and the natural tobaccos come through. I didn't like it a much as I thought I would or wanted to, but I did enjoy it.

Rating: 3 Stars AKA "When it is on Sale" – Wouldn't pay full retail but would purchase it on sale

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