A careful examination and all I was able to pick up was sweet tobacco.  There wasn't a lot of complexity for the nose here.


Perfect construction with a nice straight cap.  No damage to the foot (likely due to the bubble wrap added by vendor).  The Bolivar Gold Medal has two bands, both of which hold the gold foil in place.  The gold foil serves to make this cigar stand out.




This started out with a very sweet tobacco flavor backed by toasted nuts.  It's not very complex here, but extremely smooth and the flavors are consistent.  Every time I smoke a Cuban cigar I'm reminded that they just seem to have a significant different in their flavor profiles and the way they smoke.  Some earth started to mix in with the nut flavors about halfway through the first third.


The middle starts out with lots of roasted nuts.  A few minutes in and there's some nice spicy flavors out of nowhere.  The combination of nuts and spice continued to play off each other through the middle of the cigar.


The final third on the BGM brought a combination of oak and cedar wood flavors to mix in with the nutty from the middle.  The spice didn't carry into the last third here.  I didn't find the last third very complex either, but it was a nice smooth finish.


The BGM went out about halfway through smoking, but it was likely due to the combination of cold weather and low humidity.  Draw was right in the sweet spot and total smoking time was approximate 1 hour and 35 minutes.


The Bolivar Gold Medals are available as boxes of 10 for approximately $109.   The pricing is about average compared to over Bolivar offerings such as the Bolivar Royal Coronas.

Final Word:

The Bolivar Gold Medal is a nice consistently tasty Cuban cigar.  There's not a lot of strength or flavor complexity here, but they're enjoyable from start to finish.    You'll definitely want to jump on any chance you have to pick one of these up.

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