Balkan Sobranie has been around for quite some time, dating back to the 1920's, and has definitely made a name for itself. Although, the original blend has gone through many changes over the years, so smoking some today will be different from years ago. But, this is my first time having it. So, there is no expectation from me here.

Company: Balkan
How Packaged: 1.76oz Tin
Style: Balkan
Tobacco Used: Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Casing/Topping: None
Cut: Ribbon
Bowls Smoked: 2
Date Purchased/Obtained: 08/01/15
Storage Method: Mason Jar
Pipe(s) Used: Simple $40 Pipe
Price Point: $34.99
Purchased: Sample from another BOTL

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Tin/Jar Note: Very appealing smokiness, but not overpowering, with notes of plum and tobacco.
Visual: Pretty normal looking ribbon cut tobaccos. Mostly dark Oriental & Latakia, with just a spattering of light Virginias.
Flavors: Heavy Latakia notes and a background of smokiness.
Smoking Experience: Not bad, but nothing great. It required a lot of maintenance and relights. Flavors were mostly enjoyable, but nothing I just loved.
Tobacco Strength: Medium
Body: Medium+
Room Note: Tolerable
Comparable Tobacco: Nothing notable.
Conclusion: Very smokable. I wouldn't run for it, but I'll smoke it anytime. There are just a lot of blends I would rather smoke.

Rating:2 Stars AKA "Only when it is Free" - Would smoke a bowl if it was free and had nothing else

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Comment by Jason Meyers on November 4, 2015 at 10:29am

This must be one of those tobacco's that's hit or miss with people. The way people go crazy over trying to obtain this stuff made me think it was amazing. I have never tried it and would buy some for MSRP if I ever see some, but I would not go on a mission or pay more on the secondary market to get it.

There is actually a local tobacco guy that makes this pipe tobacco blend called Irishman's 5 O'Clock. According to him, it's similar to the old style Balkan Sobranie. I really like this stuff and it's always available/affordable.

Comment by 007MI6 on November 4, 2015 at 10:42am

I would agree, and it just missed with me. It wasn't bad. I didn't hate it, but I couldn't figure out the hype or justify the cost. I'll smoke it and enjoy it, but there are blends that hit my palette so much better.

That's always a good find. I haven't hit up my local guy for pipe tobacco yet, so I'm not sure if he has any house blends. But availability and affordability are always top priorities for me. :)


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