Review: Alec Bradley Tempus Medius 6 Maduro

This is my review of the Alec Bradley Tempus Medius 6 Maduro (6x52).  I purchased these as a 5 pack from Atlantic Cigar, running $5.00 each.


This stick doesn't smell very strong with no particular note standing out.  You'll pick up hints of leather and a nice sweet tobacco.  I've read that there should be notes of coffee and chocolate but I wasn't picking up any of that.  Very pleasant but nothing really popped.


This Tempus was a dark brown with darker mottling throughout the oily wrapper.  Relatively smooth texture, but veins present throughout and a few pock marks and imperfections.


The Tempus line is a fairly regular purchase for me.  I've found them to be very consistent from stick to stick.

First third

The initial toasting and draw greats with you with a nice bit of pepper.  After a few puffs the pepper dies down and mixes in with some earthy undertones.  Deep draws produced some nice balanced nuttiness.


As you move into the second third, the pepper falls off sharply.  The nutty flavors pick up and mix in with the sweet flavor of the tobacco.  The earthy undertones are still present.


The pepper comes back to the same strength as the first third.  The sweet tobacco flavor drops off and you're left with a mix of leather and the earthy notes.

Overall the flavor isn't overly complex, but it is nice and balanced.  I would classify the flavor as a medium, and while it's listed as a full strength stick I find it to be a medium-full strength.

Burn / Draw:

No issues with lighting or the burn.  It was fairly windy as I reviewed and it only took two quick puffs to keep the Tempus lit and burning evenly.  The ash is a brown grey color and didn't fall off until I was finishing the first third.  Each draw produced normal levels of smoke.  Smoking time was approximately 1 hour 35 minutes.


At $5 the Tempus has a regular spot in my humidor.  While I don't smoke them all the time, they are a reliable go-to choice in my collection.  At any given time I'll typically have two or three different Tempus to choose from.  A box of the Tempus Medius 6 (20 count) can be found for just over $100 which puts them into an excellent value category for the flavor and strength of what you're getting.

Final Word:

These are in the "very good" range for me.  If you're a fan of medium-full cigars with a nice even flavor, I'd definitely recommend picking up a 5 pack or a box.    There are lots of vitolas to choose from, you'll find a distinct flavor profile from each.  If you haven't had the chance to try a Tempus yet, I'd definitely recommend you pick some up.


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Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on January 5, 2015 at 2:31pm
Great review.


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