This is my review of the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill.


There's not a lot of stogies that I get the sweet smell of tobacco from, but this was one of them.  There's also a nice complex woody combination with about the same strength.


This is an Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill (7x48).  There is a rich, dark, oily sheen across the entire wrapper.   Flat veins are visible throughout with no soft spots or flaws to be found on the cap, wrapper or foot.  That's pretty significant when you consider the 7" size of the Churchill.


First third

The first few puffs deliver a mild to medium level of spice.  A few puffs in and there is a light flavor of toasted nuts.  There was not a lot of other flavor complexity going on in the first it was a pleasant mild-medium flavor.  The only note that stood out was the pepper left behind on each puff.

Middle Third

The spice that was more of an after thought in the first picks up significantly as I entered the second.  There's still not a lot of flavor complexity to speak of.  Very one dimensional on the flavor chart.

Last Third

A lot more going on in the last third.  The Prensado becomes very earthy and the light toasted nuts from the first become a very strong roasted nuts here.  It's a very enjoyable flavor combination.


I found the initial draw on this to be quite tight, but it lights fine and opens up after a few minutes.  Total smoking time was quite quick for a Churchill vitola at almost exactly two hours.  I attribute the quicker than expected smoking time to the smaller 48 ring gauge.  A nice even burn throughout with no touch ups required. 


The Prensado Churchill ranges from about $8 - $10 as a single, $46 for a 5 pack and $140 - $175 for a box of 20.  Based solely on the flavor profile I find these to be a bit expensive.  A quick look at the other vitola sizes (corona gorda, double T, gran toro, robusto, torpedo) does not elicit much of a price savings.  

Final Word:

I enjoy most of the offerings from Alec Bradley, however the Prensado just didn't fit with what I enjoy for flavor profile.  It's a pretty mild to medium cigar and there's nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't have anything to make it stand out from the crowd.

Flavor is a very subjective thing, so although the Prensado isn't really for me, I definitely recommend you try it out for yourself.


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