Review: Aged Selects Habano Rosado Toro Grande

             Recently I was contacted by a friend in the industry to see if we did bundle reviews.  After asking a few questions, I obliged, as I am a fan of cheapo cigars, and love it when I find a good deal.  Personally, the Davidoff 3x3 and 4x4 bundles are a staple of my humidors.  Without getting into details as to the provenance of the cigars, I can tell you these are not seconds, and once they are gone they are gone.  The company will continue to add more bundles in the future, but as far as this run is concerned, they were all made in 2009 at a factory in Nicaragua for a brand, or brands, that never hit the shelves.  Here is some info from their website Aged Selects

             "We are a group of retailers and manufacturers who love cigars. We are particular on quality through construction and blends which sets us apart from other online stores who sale cheap cigars at expensive prices. The cigars we sell where intended for high end retail shops and for various reasons they were never sold to the public."

    Reviewing these was also the basis of Logan's idea to have me do Quick Hit reviews as well, as my workload with school is overwhelming right now.  I also assumed with a bundle cigar, why waste the time on details, elt's just settle on the meat and get down to business.

Box Split – 90 

             Rich, nutty cedar notes all hit my palate at first with a hint of pepper.  The finish was decent at first, with cinnamon developing as the middle neared.  I detected a touche of anise through the nose, and a cinnamon coffee combination was a match made in heaven for Knob Creek.  The Aged Select ended with a snicker doodle note, you know those amazing little cinnamon and sugar cookies we all love.  The construction was excellent, and the finish was quite long and savory to the nub.  You could put a band on this cigar (Illusione, Ezra Zion, Casa Fernandez, Quesada), call it a boutique run, sell it for $8 and make boutique reviewers happy with a good marketing plan. I was very impressed with this, and I am excited to try the rest of the line.  I will be buying a bundle of one blend, and probably splitting one as well.  For now, I will rate this as a split.  No brainer for the money if you like medium cigars with little spice.  I toss $10 cigars often that are terrible in comparison.

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Comment by Guy Buscema on October 5, 2014 at 12:34pm

Dear Dustin,

Very Interesting cigars, I'll keep an eye out for their bundles, If ever they ship to France.



Comment by Guy Buscema on October 8, 2014 at 4:33am

It Is sad to see that this morning ,I got an e-mail from ,"AGED SLECTES",saying that they are sorry but

they do not ship to Europe,-"FRANCE",. It's a shame that a lot of NON-CUBAN makers do the same.

What are they afraid of ? The cost or Cubans ?




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