Up again we have another selection from the mysterious bundle company Aged Selects.  This time I grabbed a Habano Churchill, which apparently is different then the Habano Rosado, but the band is the same.  You could tell there was a difference in the wrapper though.  Only blend information I have is this is a Nicaraguan made overrun of sorts, that sells for $50 for a bundle of 20, and was rolled in 2009.

               The dry draw was very toasty, with hints of berries.  The beginning was rather mild, with a light finish, some nuts, and a mild retrohale.  The Habano Churchill is definitely a mild cigar by now, and my guess is it has lost some of it's Nicaraguan power over time.  However, that puts it right where I like a cigar.  The finish grew as I progressed to the middle with solid richness, touching on a medium body at times.A smooth coffee flavor picked up and complimented the creamy profile and nutty flavors that seemed to float in and out of the mouth as I neared the end.  Construction was excellent, well above anything in that price range honestly.  There was not much spice at all, so heavy Nica smokers will not approve.

             Rating: Couple – 86.  I am rating this on the high side of a couple, simply due to the fact that if my shop had these, I would smoke them as a 3rd cigar at an event.  You know when you have the first two and by the third your palate is wrecked and you do not want to waste something good, but want something decent that won't ruin your palate for the next day.  That is where this cigar fits in.  It has flavor, excellent construction, and you do not have to worry about it.  I could smoke this camping or in the woods after a few dozen beers and be happy as hell really.  Great handout for wedding, poker game buddies, etc...  You can buy them HERE  I will continue reviewing each sample I got in the near future.

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