Review: Añoranza Robusto by Miami Cigar Company

This Añoranza Robusto came to me by way of an /r/cigars bomb from the generous Redditor QuikAF77. The cigar had a few hundred days of rest in my humidor before smoking. I had never previously enjoyed this particular cigar line of cigars, and I always enjoy trying something new without any preconceptions.




I’m picking up cedar, barnyard and hay.



This Añoranza is in a robusto vitola measuring 5” by 50 ring gauge. The wrapper is a dark brown with a simplistically elegant band featuring a white background and gold with green accents. The accent over the n changes the pronunciation of the name. Rather than pronouncing as Ann-Oh-Rahn-Za, it changes to Ahn-Yor in Spanish. The name itself has a few synonyms but primarily means nostalgia. This release from Miami Cigar company came back in Q4 of 2012.

Most people would be familiar with the other lines from Miami Cigar company, the Aurora 107, Nestor Miranda and the Tatiana.




First Third

The first opens up with light pepper and just a hint of woody flavors. There’s some spice in the mouth post-draw. The pepper isn’t overpowering and doesn’t tend to linger after the draw. After a few minutes in there is a hint of sweetness breaking through, which lingers on the tip of my tongue.

The first third is quite rich, no one flavor stands out from the rest here.

Middle Third

The flavors transition to become much more sweet as the Añoranza moves into the second third. At the midway point there is some spice and wood which are in equal balance for strength. There is spice present which picks up strength and hits peak intensity at the halfway point. Still pepper on the tip of the tongue.

There is some earthy notes at the midway point.

Final Third

Nuts and earth are the two biggest flavors here. There’s a reasonably powerful amount of tobacco strength that kicks in by the final third.


Draw is in the sweet spot, no issues here. Burn is reasonably straight with a total smoking time of just under 2 hours.


After reading the review so far, you might think that the Añoranza in the robusto vitolas would be going for $7 – $9. Singles are available at an extremely affordable range of $5.50 – $6 each. You can get them in 10 count boxes at about $58. Lastly you can get a 20 count box at the $99 price point. This is a very aggressive price point and represents near maximum value.

Final Word:

The Añoranza Robusto by Miami Cigar Company never rises to complex levels, but still manages to deliver some great flavors at a price point that makes these available to all aficionados. The cigar is consistently enjoyable from the moment you first light up until the ash starts to burn your finger tips. If you enjoyed the flavors listed here, grab a couple Añoranza to compare for yourself.


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Comment by QuikAF77 on October 29, 2013 at 8:42am

Glad you enjoyed it! Has been a go to for me for a while now.

Comment by Cigar Surgeon on October 29, 2013 at 9:43am

Thanks again brother, very tasty stick.  I don't think there was a single stick in that bomb I didn't enjoy.

Comment by RobbyRas on October 30, 2013 at 11:13am

I dig this cigar... and I fell like it's pretty underrated.. seems like a cigar that some of our more budged minded members would enjoy... personally, I'm a fan

Comment by Generally Useful Jared on November 1, 2013 at 4:14pm

Cigar Vixen did a very pleasant video review of this one recently. :)

She's prettier than you, John. That's all.

Comment by Cigar Surgeon on November 1, 2013 at 4:25pm

I might have a nice rack Jared but if I had to make my living based on my face ... let's just say I'd be living off the donations of strangers.  ;)


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