This is my review of the 601 Serie Blue Box Press Maduro Torpedo.


The nose on this was fairly complex.  I spent a good deal of time with it and picked up fairly strong earth, a nice balanced chocolate and just a hint of hay.


The 601 Serie Blue Box Press Maduro Torpedo was a bit loose at the foot with some imperfections.  There are bumps and veins throughout the wrapper.   The cap is flawless and there are no soft spots.


First Third

The initial draws brought an interesting and initially undefinable flavor.  The closest I could match it was to dried tea leaves.  There was some sweetness and leather mixed together.  I also picked up what I could only describe as bbq'd red meat with some spice.  The spice continued to build in the first as I proceeded.  Overall the first third wasn't very complex but it was quite tasty.

Middle Third

The middle was much spicier than the first.  The sweet leather was was previously present is almost non-existent here.  The strength of this cigar is definitely full bodied as I start to feel a tobacco buzz at the halfway point.  C4ddy felt that this would be an excellent starter choice for someone looking to move into full strength cigars.   While the spice here is much stronger than the first I wouldn't describe it as overpowering.  

Final Third

The last third is still spicy but it is half the levels of the middle.  The earthiness I was picking up in the nose is present here and it's almost like potting soil.  The intensity of the earth flavor drops off as you get sufficiently into the final third.  Initially I wasn't enjoying the combination of the spice and strong earth but I chose to push through it and it mellowed out quite nicely.


The cigar went out a few times throughout.  It could have been through inattention on my part.  I ended up re-cutting and the burn issues went away.  Smoking time was right at the two hour mark.


The 601 Serie Blue Box Press Maduro Torpedo ranges in price from about  $7 - $9 a single, 5-packs $34 - $38 and a box of 20 ranges around $100 - $120.   The singles price is a bit high for my tastes, but the box price makes them an excellent value.  

Final Word:

The 601 Blue Serie is a great cigar for those looking for something that packs some nice flavor and gets them into the full strength end of cigars.  I ended up picking up a box of these and I look forward to seeing how they age in my humidor.

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