262 Allegiance

Size: 5 x 50 Robusto

WrapperBrazilian Mata Fina

Binder: Nicaraguan

FillerHonduran and Nicaraguan

(Thanks to Logan for letting me weasel these)

The first third of the 262 Allegiance starts off with minimal spice and an interesting note, that subtle fruit or citrus. About half an inch in, the flavor turns into a more definable salty citrus mix, and is very different from most of what I have been smoking lately. The burn this far is near perfect, with a tight, nicely formed, almost white ash.

The second third of the Allegiance continues with the citrus notes from before, but only for the start. Just a bit further in, I start to get a semi creamy, almost sweet, chocolatey flavor. It is not extremely distinct and it comes and goes. The burn is perfect now and the ash is still tight and white, holding on very well. To make it better, the smoke production has also become very nice and thick.

The 262 Allegiance makes an abrupt profile change in the final third. The flavor changes to a more earthy note, pretty much a fresh earth flavor. It is harsher than the first two thirds, but not like the harshness that arises from a hot burn. Just that it was harsh compared to the smoothness of the first part of the Allegiance. The last inch of the Allegiance started to develop a large amount of cracks in the wrapper, but it continued to burn well. At some point in this last inch, the Allegiance began to get hot and turn a bit bitter. So, I didn't nub it, but I felt that I was able to get my "money's" worth out of it.

This was actually my second Allegiance to try, but I did not care for the first one too much at all. Not sure what made the tobacco change, or if I had a better palette this day. It's not my top choice, but it's unique flavors, definitely have a place, especially when they hit someone with that particular taste.

Final Rating: 84 - Couple

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Comment by Charlie on July 3, 2014 at 9:58am

I feel that the Mata Fina tobacco is a better binder or filler component rather than a wrapper. They could have used it for a binder and gave it a more flavorful wrapper idk good review tho

Comment by 007MI6 on July 7, 2014 at 8:40am

Sounds like a valid thought to me Charlie. I know that I do enjoy Mata Fina as a filler/binder, so that may be where this cigar lost some points with me.


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