I won a box of these from the RobbyRasReviews  cigar chat they had with Enrique Sánchez of 1502 cigars.


The nose on these was hay and barnyard with a light chocolate background.  Very interesting.


The 1502 Ruby Robusto is a 5x50 box pressed robusto.  The wrapper on the Ruby is dark and oily with tooth throughout.  The wrapper reminds me of the Padron but as a brown color rather than a dark chocolate.



My initial taste impressions are cedar and a tiny bit of black pepper at the back of my tongue.  A few minutes in and the flavor transitions to creamy and sweet.  There is a generous amount of smoke production with each draw.   About 10 minutes into the first third I start to pick up chocolate on the exhale.  As I progress towards the middle third I start to pick up hints of leather on the exhale as well.  From the first third it's very clear this is a Nicaraguan cigar.


I'm primarily picking up leather, earth and a creaminess all in balance.  There is some dried raisin after taste present.  Not much else here until I start to move into the last third when the creaminess starts to dominate.


The last third is comprised of earth and leather.  Some cedar and barnyard push through as the last third establishes itself.


The burn on the 1502 Ruby was razor sharp the entire session.  Draw was right in the sweet spot.   Total smoking time was approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes.


Singles of the 1502 Ruby Robusto can be found around $7 each.  They also come in an unusual count 9 count box for around the $36 mark.   This pricing represents a really great value.

Final Word:

The 1502 Ruby Robusto was super balanced in all three thirds with no flavor dominating the profile.  A highly enjoyable cigar from start to finish.  I'll be looking for a replacement box of the 1502 Ruby's and I'm also going to try out their Emerald and Black & Gold lines as well.  I'd definitely recommending trying these if you haven't had the opportunity.


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