I picked up a pair of 1502 Black Gold Toro's along with some 1502 Emerald Toro's as a part of a ‘build your own House of Emilio sampler’ on the Cigar Federation store.  

Now I know what some of you might be thinking.  Here we go, ol’ Surge has sold out and is pitching Emilio products in his reviews!   I always want to make sure that people know the source of my review cigars so they can determine for themselves whether or not my review is unbiased.   Besides, if you can't trust a Canadian, who can you trust?

In this case I purchased the 1502s along with quite a number of other cigars specifically for the purposes for reviewing.  It’s extremely difficult for me to get my hands on boutique cigars in Canada, and I was happy to be able to source them. 

I previously had the pleasure of a Monday virtual hangout with Enrique Sánchez (the actual most interesting man in the world) and he suggested I try the Black Gold if I was looking for a more full bodied cigar.  I took him up on his suggestion not long afterwards and decided to post a review.

Having previously enjoyed the 1502 Ruby Robusto this was a cigar I had been looking forward to smoking.




I picked up a mixture of spices with sweet tobacco mixed in.   There’s white pepper when you inhale deeply and some old cedar faintly detectable.  The foot seems to have a more intense pepper scent than the wrapper.



This particular 1502 Black Gold comes in a toro vitola, measuring 6” by 50 ring gauge.  The cigar itself has a slight box press to it which is noticeable in the photos.   1502 is branded under Global Premium Cigars and is proudly presented as a Nicaraguan blend.  The brand name itself is taken from the date that Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua in 1502.

The 1502 Black Gold is available in a variety of vitolas, all box pressed. Toro, torpedo, perfecto, conquistador, and the newly released lancero.



One of the interesting things here is that the tobacco on the foot is closed over the end, as opposed to cleanly cut off, which is the standard on all 1502 cigars.   Enrique Sánchez calls that a ‘cigar lock’, the intent of which is to prevent wrappers peeling or cracking at the foot.  


Here’s a picture of the foot of the cigar with the 1502 ‘cigar lock’.



First Third

I did a cold draw prior to lighting and picked up some hay, earth, cedar and chocolate notes.

Once lit, the first thing I noticed was the amount of thick smoke it was putting off.   I can immediately taste the ligero on the first few draws.   There’s a lingering pepper that sits in the middle of my tongue and even 30 seconds later it’s still building in intensity.  Enrique isn’t exaggerating when he says this is a full bodied cigar.   As I settle into the first third the pepper falls off a bit and gives room to sweet tobacco taste.

As I moved towards the middle third there was some wet earth coming through at a medium level of strength.


Middle Third

The earth morphs into an oaky earth combination in the second third.   You can still really taste a significant amount of ligero here.  The pepper has become quite soft by this point, almost not detectable.

The middle third closes out with a really strong earthy-ligero flavor.


Last Third

Very full bodied to finish.  Lots of tobacco strength and the pepper comes back with significant intensity.  The flavors have a very thick mouth feel.



As you can see by the gallery below, the burn on this cigar was excellent from start to finish.    Total smoking time was almost exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes.    I did a single v-cut on the cap and it resulted in a perfect draw.



A single of the 1502 Black Gold will run you about $7.00.  A 5 pack will cost you approximately $37.50 – $40.00.   A 9 count box will cost you $65 - $75.00.  A 20 count box will run you $150.00.    These prices are extremely affordable, at a time where cigar prices are pushing over $10 a stick.


Final Word:

The 1502 Black Gold is much stronger than the 1502 Ruby I previously reviewed.   I’m looking forward to completing the tri-fecta with the 1502 Emerald.  As I was smoking the Black Gold I couldn’t help but think it would pair really well with an espresso or an Irish whiskey.  1502 just recently released their Ruby, Emerald and Black Gold in a 7” x 38 ring gauge lancero and I’m extremely excited to get my hands on those next month.

If you enjoy the fuller end of the spectrum, the 1502 Black Gold is a no brainer because it delivers flavor, strength and won’t take much out of your wallet.


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Comment by Docwill on April 22, 2014 at 7:42am

Thanks for your take on the B&G, John. I thought the review covered my experience quite accurately.This was a smooth stronger cigar that never really overpowers. I guess that is testimony to the blending skills that are present in the 1592 lines. A wonderful review,cannot wait to see your write up on the Emerald.


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