Press Release: Drew Estate Unveils “Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera” for Barrister Cigars

Miami, FL – Drew Estate Tobacco Co. announced today the release of the first “Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera”, a concept cigar by Willy Herrera. Made at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in extremely small batches, the Tienda Exclusiva line is specially crafted for one retailer per release, with only a few releases scheduled per year. The inaugural “Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera” blend was produced for the owner of Barrister Cigars in Union, New Jersey, David Mallow, following the 2013 New Jersey Cigar Festival.

When asked about the blend, Willy Herrera responded from Estelí, Nicaragua: “This was one of the blends that I was working on through 2012 and 2013. David smoked it at the Festival and kept coming back for more. Eventually, he smoked every cigar I had brought, which I thought would be enough for the entire week! I knew he loved the blend and it felt right assigning it to him for my first Tienda Exclusiva.”

David Mallow, owner of Barrister Cigars, said that, “the ‘Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera’ is a truly beautiful project that I am honored to be involved with. It’s no secret that Willy is one of the most talented tobacco blenders out there, and we can’t wait to have the cigar in our humidor.”

As stated previously, every “Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera” blend is a limited quantity production cigar made at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate. Jonathan Drew noted, “I recommend you don’t sleep on this one. These are one and done. Willy has a lot on his plate right now as Master Blender of La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate. As I’ve said before, ‘Boutique is in the Heart’ and Willy has spent so much time creating and experimenting with blends. We have some real gems out of the blends he has worked on. Now, it’s time to get them into production.”

The “Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera” for Barrister Cigars is packed in 10-count boxes and will sell for $12.00 MSRP per cigar, plus applicable state taxes. They will be offered for sale on September 2nd from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at a Barrister Cigars event in Union, New Jersey, with Willy Herrera and Jonathan Drew hosting the event.

In the meantime, enter the “Tienda Exclusiva by Willy Herrera” giveaway for your chance to win the first box of this Tienda Exclusiva release, signed by Willy Herrera. Enter at For more information on this release, please contact John Brooke at

About Drew Estate, Inc.

Founded in New York City in 1996, Drew Estate has become one of the fastest growing tobacco companies in the world. Under their mantra “The Rebirth of Cigars”TM, Drew Estate has led the “Boutique Cigar” movement by innovating new elements to the tobacco industry with their unique tobaccos and blending styles that have attracted new and old cigar enthusiasts. In their Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, the Nicaraguan headquarters, Drew Estate produces a variety of brands such as ACID, Herrera Estelí, Kentucky Fired Cured, Liga Privada, MUWAT, Natural, Nica Rustica, Tabak Especial, UnderCrown, and Java by Drew Estate.

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Comment by Matt Ross on August 25, 2014 at 2:30pm

As an FYI, this IS my local shop!  Who wants to be friends?! :P

Comment by Matt Ross on August 25, 2014 at 2:47pm

Here are the comments I made some time ago when I smoked what has become the first Tienda Exclusiva:

I don't know anything about this cigar other than the fact that I believe it has a Maduro wrapper. I've asked around to find out if this is the Herrera Esteli blend with a maduro wrapper or if this is a one-off production or something we'll actually see, but no one has been able to give me answers. The popular opinion in my local B&M, Barrister Cigars, is that this cigar is fantastic, but the consumers worry that we won't see this as a regular release any time soon.  I found it to be similar to the Herrera Esteli, but a bit more powerful - perhaps a solid medium-full - and a bit chocolatey.

Comment by Stefan Lindblad on August 25, 2014 at 2:48pm
Should have looked here first! My check is in the mail! Seriously I would like to get a few of these if we can arrange something

Comment by Matt Ross on August 25, 2014 at 2:52pm

I am going to wait for more information to be announced, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to help in some capacity.

Comment by Stefan Lindblad on August 25, 2014 at 2:54pm
Super. Thanks.
Comment by Charlie on August 25, 2014 at 3:22pm

When I read the press release on Halfwheel I was going to message you and ask if you were near that shop (only knowing your from NJ). You should snap a box! I would sure love to get a few of those ;)

I'm wondering if it has a broadleaf wrapper on it? I read that there was a HE with a broadleaf being blended (for sure it doesn't have a San Andreas wrapper on it).

On Halfwheel it says it will be a "one and done" release, once there gone there gone.

Let me know if you grab a box or two.....

Comment by Matt Ross on August 25, 2014 at 3:28pm

LOL!  Who says I don't already have a box?  Haha...

To be honest, I don't, though I have smoked many of these over the past year or two.  I know several more details, but it is not my place to share at this point.  Once details come out, or I'm given permission to share some things I know, I will.

With all of that said, I will do my best to ensure that all FedHeads that want some, can get some.

Comment by 302JH (Jose) on August 25, 2014 at 3:34pm

Mattttty, my favorite Monmouth Co buddy...i might need your help on this one also...

Comment by Charlie on August 25, 2014 at 5:08pm

LOL ok cool good looking out! 


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