This is a review of a pre-release version of the Rocky Patel Freedom in the Robusto vitola.  These cigars came to me from Cigarbrief and their "Roll like a Blogger" contest



After careful examination I was largely smelling cedar and coffee.




The pre-release Freedom Robusto is a 5" x 50 gauge robusto shaped cigar.  The wrapper is a medium brown color and is triple capped.





I was picking up sweet tobacco mixed with varied nuts . There was a small amount of pepper present after the draw.

About 10 minutes into the first third the flavor profile becomes largely dominated by the nutty flavor.



The cigar is earthy as it moves into the second third with the nut flavor dropping off and the sweet tobacco flavor sticking around.

For the rest of the second third the flavor profile swaps back and forth between the profile from the first third and the profile present at the beginning of the second third.

As the second third closes out, the flavor becomes largely dominated by earth.



The earth fades and the last third is very similar to the first third.



Draw was great and the burn was fine throughout.  Total smoking time was a relaxed 1 hour and 25 minutes.



The release version of the Rocky Patel Freedom in the robusto size is  $6-$7 for a single.  5 packs are around the $30 - $34 mark.  Boxes of 20 can be found between $100 - $135.   The pricing represents an excellent bargain.


Final Word:

For me the pre-release Rocky Patel Freedom didn't really stand out from the crowd.  It was an enjoyable cigar but I'm going to have to try the release version to see how it compares.  If you enjoy other offerings from Rocky Patel you should definitely pick some of these up.  At their price point these are a good choice to fill up the humidor.


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