Pre-Release Group Review: Crux du Connoisseur

The Crux du Connoisseur was one of two new regular production cigars from Crux to debut at IPCPR 2015 in New Orleans.  The Crux boys also announced their first Limited Edition cigar called Limitada PB5 and the addition of Crux Sports.

The release dates of the new Crux cigars are staggered throughout the fall.

  • Crux du Connoisseur - September 2015
    • #1 - 5 5/8 x 35
    • #2 - 6 1/2 x 38
    • #3 - 7 1/2 x 38
  • Crux Guild - October 2015
  • Crux Limitada PB5 - November 2015

I sat down with Joel from Crux to go over all the new stuff at IPCPR.

Crux du Connoisseur

Size: 6 1/5 x 38

Vitola: #2 (Lancero)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Hababo Jalapa

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Honduran

Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A., Esteli, Nicaragua

MSRP: $9.00

Cigars smoked for review: 2

Cigars for review provided by Crux Cigars

Note: For this review we used CigarFederation's rating system

Rob's Review: Rating 86 AKA "I's buy a couple"

Pre-Light: Crux is developing a very cool look.  The branding is elegant and aggressive and I really dig it.  The Crux du Connoisseur continues that look.  The gold and white band is accented by the red "stone" in the X.  This is a cigar that I would buy on appearance alone.

The construction of the du Connoisseur was good, but not great.  Lanceros can be tough and the draw on both samples that I smoked was slightly on the tight side.  The burn was fine and there were no major issues, but the draw just just a bit troublesome.  The wrapper smelled of cedar, warm baking spice and hay.  The cold draw had a vegetal anise note along with a mild baking spice.

Beginning:  The Crux du Connoisseur started off with notes of caramel and cedar with a mild baking spice on the retrohale.  The flavors were full and thick as was the smoke.  As the first third came to and end the profile took on notes of creamed coffee.

Middle: Rich and creamy notes of creamed coffee took over during the second third.  A cinnamon spice grew on the retrohale and offered nice balance to the creamy profile.  There was a floral note in the background which mainly showed up on the finish.  The profile was pretty good, but it was missing some sweetness.  The caramel sweetness that was present in the first few puffs died away.

End:  The floral note that showed up during the second third took over the show.  The notes of coffee disappeared and we were left with a creamy floral flavor with a cinnamon spice on the retro.  

Final Thoughts:  I enjoyed the complexity and transitions of the Crux du Connoisseur, but I found myself waiting for a sweetness that would never show up.

Jerad's review: Rating 88 AKA "5-Pack Purchase"
Crux has been hitting a lot of home runs lately, at least with me. They still have my highest score to date with the Ninfamaniac Natural, it just hit all the right notes with me. So, I’m excited to see how this new blend holds up. It looks great to start. The toothy, milk chocolate wrapper has minimal veins and the entire cigar is very well crafted. The aroma is a pleasant cedar and tobacco note, with a hay/barnyard scent and the cold draw is a smooth natural tobacco and cedar flavor.

The first few puffs are already superb and the smoke production is amazing. There are notes of a spice, cedar and a little bit of earthiness. I keep getting hints of herb, sort of like a lemongrass, but they are very faint. Then a leather note joins the party and the finish is a bit dry and quite long.

As I head into the middle third, the Du Connoisseur becomes much fuller, hitting the medium-full range in body and strength. The retrohale also becomes MUCH spicier. The final third continued in much the same way for me. Lots of earthy leather notes, except that the pepper and spice all but disappeared. I did have to keep it extremely slow towards the end or it got sour.

Construction was spot on and it was a joy to smoke. The flavors, while present and tasty, were not completely up my alley. I’d but some more for sure, but they won’t take over the spot of my Ninfa’s. ;)

Surgeon's Rating: 88 AKA "A 5-Pack"

"I would describe the Crux Du Connoisseur as a rich and complex flavor profile."

The nose on the Crux Du Connoisseur is sweet, spicy, some cedar and undertones of moss.
I used a single v-cut and found the draw to be right in the ideal zone.

My first few draws open with mild spice, and mild pepper. Each draw has a rich earthy finish to it. On the retrohale I find the spice to be just under medium strength with a leather post-draw that is somewhat sweet. At the 10 minute mark the leather transitions to an earthy leather combination. At about the 15 minute mark a spicy wood starts to break through on the retrohale. The earth eventually gives way to the spicy wood that I was getting mainly on the retrohale.

The first third was rich and spicy and I quite enjoyed it.

The flavors are predominantly wood and spice heading into the middle third with hints of pepper. The leather goes away and then comes back at the end of each draw. As the cigar moves through and on to the final third the leather fades away almost completely.

The last third has a rich savory quality to it. Again it's spicy, with hints of pepper.

Total smoking time was 2 hours and 4 minutes.I would describe the Crux Du Connoisseur as a rich and complex flavor profile. I would say it falls into the medium plus category.

Surgeon's Pairing Recommendations:
This would pair well with root beer, bourbon, bourbon cocktails or a cola.

Cigar Federation Group Rating: 87.33 AKA "5-Pack Purchase"

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Comment by Docwill on August 18, 2015 at 8:26am

This one sounds like a solid addition to their already solid lineup. I really like the fact that Crux is staying with smaller RG offerings. Great reviews and some sweet photos.

Comment by Charlie on August 18, 2015 at 10:54am

These are on my radar for sure! I was really hoping for a review similar to the Ninfa but I'm still after these when they are released.

Comment by 007MI6 on August 20, 2015 at 10:09pm

Yea, I love the vitolas that Crux is using. Right up my alley.

I was hoping for another Ninfa as well, but it just didn't happen for me here. It was solid, but just didn't hit all the right notes for me.

Comment by Catfishbluezz on August 20, 2015 at 11:43pm
Loved it! Can't wait to get more honestly


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