Peter Stokkebye Blakan Supreme is a bulk pipe tobacco which can be purchase at many places. It is made in Denmark and is reporting to have many similarities to the fabled Balkan Sobranie.


I picked up an ounce of this from P&C’s a while back because of its popularity.


Fun Fact: Depending on where you look some sources quote this blend has having Burley while some quote it has having Black Cavendish.


Review time!

Balkan Supreme

Company: Peter Stokkebye

How Packaged: Bulk

Style: Balkan/English

Tobacco Used: Virginia, Black Cavendish, Latakia, and Oriental

Casing/Topping: None

Cut: Ribbon

Bowls Smoked: Five

Date Purchased/Obtained: 1/27/2015

Storage Method: Mason Jar

Pipe(s) Used: Saronno Apple

Price Point: $4.45 per ounce

Purchased: Purchased from P&C’s


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Tin/Jar Note: Rich musk with some sweetness. The Latakia is very light in the jar.

Visual: Golden brown Virginias with the accent of black from the Latakia and Black Cavendish.

Flavors: This blend was odd for a Balkan. I would have expected some sweetness from the Virginia and floral notes from the Orientals, but didn’t get any. I got a very one-dimensional peppery/smoky flavor from the Latakia. There was really no balance to the Latakia in terms of flavors. There is also an acidic like quality to the flavors which wasn’t really my jam.

Smoking Experience: Beautiful. Right from the bag the moisture content was great, bowls packaged easily, burned like a champ, and overall the experience was simple.

Tobacco Strength: Medium

Body: Medium Plus

Room Note: Decent. It is something that only a pipe smoker would enjoy.

Conclusion: I have seen a lot of people really like the Balkan Supreme, but I can’t say the same. There was a complete lack of balance in the blend which was off-putting. The smoke definitely bit my tongue a bit, which was strange because I have only had this problem with aromatics. The price is excellent for the Balkan Supreme. If you buy just four ounces the price drops from $4.45 to $2.45.

The Balkan Supreme was a letdown for me considering there are many Balkan blends out there that I enjoy like Frog Morton on the Bayou and H&H BlackHouse. I do plan on cellaring what Balkan Supreme I have left away for about a year and revisiting it.

Rating: 2/5 AKA “When it is Free”

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Comment by Docwill on April 22, 2015 at 8:16am

Good stuff Logan. There is always a sourness (acidity) in the Oriental blends that spoil the experience for me. The Balkan Sobranie is more refined from my experience but there is still a flavor profile that doesn't do it for me.


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