News: Twin Elephant Planning Another Canning of Gathering Clouds; New Label

In the beginning of May, we noticed that Chatham, NJ's Twin Elephant Brewing Company had received approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for two new labels - Plow United and Split The Megahertz.  Like all of Twin Elephant's labels to this point, these were generic labels with the beer name listed.  When we reached out to the brewery, they informed us that those labels "are our 'generic' labels that provide us with flexibility on the production side as we create custom label designs for each brand. We have been gearing up for our two year anniversary next weekend so haven't been able to get a can on schedule. After the event we should be doing a run later on this month."  With the brewery's 2nd Anniversary now behind us, it looks like the brewery is working on the discussed canning run.

Last Wednesday, Twin Elephant received approval from the TTB for a brand specific label for Gathering Clouds. Gathering Clouds is a 6.4% ABV American IPA that debuted in July of 2017 at the brewery.  The brewery provides the following description for Gathering Clouds:

We cannot stop the gathering clouds. We can, however, drop nebulous hoppy IPAs, so here’s another! And as cloudy days are no match for sunny dispositions let this grassy lemon aspen shortcake brighten your day! Little spelt helps lift the sweet malt tones into a heady mix teeming with notes of lemon peel, pine needles, caramelized pineapple, clean spice bitterness. Beautiful cluster of sweet, grass, resin and fruit. 

In early March, Twin Elephant released cans of Gathering Clouds with the generic label the brewery has used for all can releases to this point. When we asked the brewery why the change, and if we could expect to see this more from Twin Elephant can releases, we were told that "the generics just give us flexibility until we design the real label".

Additional details are scant to this point.  When we asked if there was a release date or price point defined, we were informed that Twin Elephant plans "to can the next batch we make but will be a couple weeks. Might have a release before that though with some other beers".

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