News: Dark City Brewing Company Debuting Green Space; Continuing Rebranding

In February, Asbury Park, NJ's Dark City Brewing Company announced that their 3rd year of existence would bring about some change in terms of their brewery, their offerings, their branding, and more.  To this point, 2018 has seen tremendous change from the brewery with regards to all of these points, and the response from customers has been overly positive.  Now, we're getting a glimpse into even more change debuting in the coming weeks.

Last Saturday, Dark City received approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for two new labels. The first is a rebranding of the Summerfield can label. Summerfield is a dry-hopped session ale soured in the kettle with lactobacillus.  While there have been numerous variants, the original debuted in April 2016 with cans debuting in July of that year. 

This continues Dark City's efforts to improve their image and better exemplify the brewery's excitement about their product.  In February, the brewery noted:

"We are excited to be producing these products, we have so much fun doing it and the beers are going to be fresh, new and fun. We want the vessels that contain them to reflect that same attitude. Our old branding was awesome, it was clean, simple and we loved it. It had room for improvement and was lacking excitement." 

At the same time, the brewery noted that we'd see new beers join their portfolio.  It was stated:

"We've reached a point where we know what our system and our team is capable of, we've revamped our schedule to be more flexible and exciting while simultaneously playing to the styles you've come to know and love from us. There will be new hoppy offerings, new sour offerings, new crushable offerings. Not just the same old stuff over and over with subtle tweaks."

The next new offering to this point looks to be the second label the TTB approved for Dark City - Green Peace.  According to the brewery, Green Space is a "heavily wheat and oated double dry hopped IPA. 7.2% using Citra, El Dorado and Columbus".

Both cans will be available at the brewery in 16oz format.  The brewery could not provide a price, but did state that the release was "expected to be on packaging day - 6/1...if all goes well." When asked about distribution outside of the brewery, we were informed that "[d]istro will be limited, basically whatever doesn’t sell out of the tasting room on release weekend hits shelves spread out between NJ and Philadelphia the following week."

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