News: Czig Meister Expanding The Farm Hand Nitro Series; Adding Orange Cream Ale Cans (Updated)

Last week, Czig Meister Brewing Company in Hackettstown, NJ debuted The Farm Hand series in cans with Strawberry Cream Ale on Nitro. Now, it appears that they are going to introduce Orange Cream Ale in cans as well.

The Farm Hand series includes all of Czig's Cream Ales on Nitro - each including a different fruit. Czig Meister utilizes a base cream ale across the entire series.  Once the fermenting process completes, Czig Meister re-ferments the beer on the fruit, and then adds lactose and vanilla. According to the brewery, "The first one we ever did was Strawberry in Spring of 2017 and was a huge hit.  We followed that up with Orange mid-summer, and never quite made it to Peach due to time constraints.  This year was our first time being able to can it utilizing nitro dosing." 

On Monday, Czig Meister received approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for a can label for The Farm Hand Orange Nitro.  The Orange variant is a 5.0% ABV Cream Ale aged on orange zest and vanilla. It also contains lactose sugar.  According to the label registration, the cans will contain 15.2oz. 

According to the brewery, canning is scheduled for "May 30th, but might not be released until that weekend."  Czig Meister confirms that The Farm Hand Orange will be available in cans and on tap in their Tasting Room, and that cans will hit distro the following Monday.

Fans of the series will be happy to hear that "next in the series will be with peaches, but will most likely not make it into cans this year." 

Updated 11:15am ET on 4/19 with details from the brewery on release and plans.

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