My Week (In Smoking) In Review - 08/06/13

I still wouldn't dare refer to myself as a reviewer, but I've been sharing my thoughts on cigars I've smoked via this blog for a couple of months now, and I can't remember a week I've had with such great construction and ashes ever.  Each cigar I smoked provided a great experience that was only magnified by the stellar construction and long ashes that were produced.  I'll detail my thoughts on each, but please click on the links and see what was a week - albeit a slower week - with some nice tight ashes!

Tatuaje Little Monsters Baby Face - Got home late from work on Tuesday and was in the mood for a smoke, but was a bit crunched for time.  I've had a box of Little Monsters sitting in the humidor unopened for awhile, and while I had initially planned on opening them in October to see how a year had treated them, I figured there was no harm in sparking one up now so I opened the box and pulled out the Baby Face.  When I originally smoked the Little Monsters, the Baby Face was somewhere in the middle of the 5 for me as far as enjoyment (though everyone I ask has a different order of preference).  With that said, the appearance of the Baby Face is my favorite of the group as the Connecticut wrapper band is unique and fits the theme perfectly.  I lit her up and was immediately hit with some power and strength up front with a lot of spice on the retrohale!  I don't remember thinking the Baby Face was this powerful originally so I was a bit surprised.  As I continued smoking, the power and strength began to subside a bit, but this remained on the fuller side of medium for me.  I was amazed at excellent burn and construction and smoke output, though - its really something on a sub-5-inch cigar to have an inch-plus of ash.  I hadn't planned to revisit the Little Monsters line for a few more weeks, but now I feel compelled to smoke the others to see how they stack up 10 months later.

My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto - Going into this weekend, this was looking like an incredibly slow week for me as I had only smoked the Baby Face and this LB Petit Robusto.  Seeing as the Le Bijou Petit Robusto is my favorite regular smoke (currently), I had contemplated transforming this blog into a piece about favorite smokes and how they evolve over time - originally I smoked only Connecticuts, and then Perdomo Champagnes, and then I moved to Ashton VSGs, and then so one and so forth.  Alas, I will leave that for another day and just speak to the virtues of this cigar today.  The Le Bijou takes the great Pepin pepper-blast, and layers it with some creaminess and wood/cedar flavors that produce a really immaculate smoking experience, and the size is right in my wheelhouse - a perfect ratio of wrapper to filler.  Also one of the few cigars that I enjoy more as it nears its end - instead of getting harsh, the spice and strength really ramps up and leaves you full and content at the end.  Again, a long, beautiful ash accentuates.

Nica Libre Corona - Saturday night came, and since I had family in all week, I had only smoked an embarrassing 2 cigars all week and was itching for some tobacco in my life.  I had pulled out a Wilson Adams Robusto to smoke, but then my buddy stopped by with a 5er of these Nica Libre Robustos and asked me to smoke one with him while we watched UFC (for the record, I had Phil Davis 29-28 over Lyoto Machida...feel free to bash me).  I've never had a Nica Libre before, but I've heard great things about them including the term "Padron Killer" because of their similarities to the Padron Anniversary Series and their low price point.  I think these might be a bit "fresh" still as they were a bit spongy and rolled a little loose so I had to smoke it very slow to not get any harshness, but for the price it was a really nice, medium-full smoke with a spicy chocolatey-ness to it. I don't know that it is a "Padron Killer", but for the price its definitely a worthy adversary.  I'm eager to see what these are like in another month or so after I let them rest and acclimate a bit.  Again, please note the ash on this thing - impeccable.

Wilson Adams No. 2 Robusto - Sunday night arrived after a full week of family and I needed a cold beer and a nice cigar to end the week properly and get ready for the week ahead so, after trying to smoke it the night before, I pulled this cigar out of the humidor, clipped the cap with my guillotine, and toasted her up. In a bit of surprising fashion (for me at least since I find most cigars to be the opposite), this cigar started with a nutty sweetness that built into some peppery notes over time. Having smoked this so late at night, I was surprised that I enjoyed such a firmly medium smoke (especially since I tend to enjoy fuller smokes), but the flavors that were produced kept me intrigued all the way through.  I'd love to try this in the morning with some coffee as I think the flavor profile coupled with my interests would create a really enjoyable combination.  The No.2 continued a stretch of a week of cigars showcasing fabulous construction and producing excellent ashes as the smoke billowed from this cigar throughout without the need of touch-ups at all.

All-in-all, another short, but stellar week of smokes.  Have you experienced any of these cigars and have thoughts that are in line, or in conflict with my experiences? I'm always eager to hear - please let me know.  Goodbye for now!

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Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on August 6, 2013 at 7:01pm

This was a solid week for you. I have a box of Little Monsters I still haven't opened as well. I think I will need to break into the box soon. I know before long I will have something worth some dollar bills if I can keep from smoking them.

Comment by Fourkicksfan on August 6, 2013 at 11:10pm

Haven't had any of these yet, but I do have the monsters waiting. I anticipate we will see a mass amount of those being lit in the coming months, with everyone eager to see what a year has done, me included. Love the sizes being smoked as well, I'm finding myself leaning towards all the small smokes lately.

Comment by Matt Ross on August 7, 2013 at 7:37am

Yes, definitely - I much prefer a small smoke.  Corona, Panatela, Short Robusto are perfect for me.  A Robusto is probably the largest I enjoy regularly, but occasionally I'll pull an even bigger smoke.


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