My Week (In Smoking) In Review - 07/16/13

Back with another Week in Review.  The rest of the CigarFed crew is out in Vegas for the show, but I'm here holding down the fort this year so I've tried to pull out a mix of cigars that are new to me coupled with some that are really some favorites of mine.  Let's get into it.

Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 4 - My good buddy Kyle gifted me one of these some time ago and said it had been sitting for quite some time before I got it, but I put it away for a few months until I found the "right time". on a long July 4th weekend as I watched UFC seemed to be the right time, so I pulled it out of the humidor, clipped it with a guillotine cut, and toasted the foot to light 'er up!  Immediately I'm hit with what I consider to be the familiar LFD profile with a lot of spice on the retro.  Construction is obviously perfect as the burn was razor-sharp.  Spice continued, though it died down a bit, as the cigar moved into some woodiness.  At near 2 hours - an eternity for me since I tend to gravitate to shorter smokes - you definitely get your money's worth with this one.  Not my favorite LFD cigar - not even close - but a good smoke if you can still find them.

Vegas de Santiago Heritage Imperial Blend Aged Double Ligero - Three months ago exactly, my son was born, and as a gift, my good friend Brad from sent me a small celebration package.  In that package were several cigars from Vegas de Santiago.  I knew nothing about the company or the cigar.  Heck, now I still know nothing about the company or cigar and I'm struggling to find details. All I do know is that this is a very enjoyable Maduro.  A really complex smattering of flavor - extremely tasty and impeccable quality.  Not sure if this cigar rolled in Costa Rica is new or old - I can't even seem to find a mention of it elsewhere on the Internet - but if anyone has details, please share, as this is a gem.

Arcangel Toro - In late June, I won a contest on to win a couple of these new Arcangel cigars from Rev, the owner of Perfecto Lounge in Roseville, CA.  The cigars are made by KRISTOFF in honor of Rev's brother, Mike, who unfortunately passed in a tragic accident.  I'm told that the cigar is intended to be medium with a Criollo wrapper blended for taste, not strength.  You can learn more from this video we shot with Rev the other day at IPCPR and this video that shows the rolling process.  I had promised that I would review these within the first week of receiving them so I pulled one out of the humidor, slipped off the cello and inspected.  Its not the prettiest cigar I've ever seen - a bit veiny and not the prettiest wrapper ever - but outside of a few nicks in the wrapper, it looks like a cigar.  I clipped off the cap with a straight guillotine cut and toasted the foot with my Xikar lighter and took initial drags.  Immediately, those little nicks exploded the wrapper a bit and began unraveling a bit.  Despite this, the burn wasn't horrid - the Arcangel was still giving off some decent smoke production.  Flavor-wise, I was getting very minimal spice and sweetness off the bat that eventually diminished and moved into a woodiness/earthiness.  As I continued, the wrapper continued to unravel and I started getting some bitterness, but I noted definite potential in this cigar - especially as a Saturday morning coffee cigar, in my opinion.  I'm going to put the 2nd sample I have down for an extended rest to ensure proper humidification and then I will revisit.  I will keep you all updated on the results.

Partagas Short - I received this cigar from my BOTL Jeff a few months ago and he had told me at the time that it was sitting around for awhile before he even sent it to me.  So, Saturday morning, I packed up the car to head down to Atlantic City for the night and I pulled this out of the humidor for the trip - a perfect short smoke for a beautiful drive down the Garden State Parkway.  This cigar was FANTASTIC - so much so that I wish I didn't smoke it in the car so I could truly enjoy and savor it.  It was about 45-50 minutes of pure bliss for me as I weaved in and out of traffic while listening to Howard Stern reruns on the radio and enjoyed a nice mix of sweetness and spice.  Very reminiscent of the Partagas flavors I enjoy so much.  Not sure how I can obtain more of these, but if anyone knows, please contact me because it was fantastic.

Liga Privada Único Serie Dirty Rat - Saturday night, as my Atlantic City festivities were winding down, I plucked a Dirty Rat from the herfador and headed to the patio outside the hotel lobby at Revel to enjoy the ending of the night.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as I have the cigar toasted and lit, a security guard comes to me and informs me that even though I am outside, smoking is not allowed on Revel property except for a small portion of the casino floor.  I asked if there was a way for me to just get to the boardwalk from where I was, but I was told I'd have to put my cigar out and relight it when I got to the casino or off their property.  Is it any wonder why this place is bankrupt so shortly after opening?  Needless to say, after already lighting the cigar, I made my way down to the casino and smoked it while people watching though I half felt bad due to the ridiculous amount of smoke that the Dirty Rat gives off.  I often question whether my favorite Liga is the Rat or the L40, and I still ponder that after this smoke despite the fact that I wonder if I've let these sit too long as they aren't quite as voracious as they once were.  Still an amazing cigar and it was an amazing cap to a good day.

Kuuts, LLC Miro Robusto - About three months ago, give or take, I started seeing Kuuts, LLC begin making waves in social media promoting their three lines: Miro, Placeres Reserva and Tabacalera Zapata. I knew nothing about the company, but began inquiring and received a sampler of their offerings in late April. Finally, a month ago or so I finally lit up the Placeres Reserva which I wrote about here.  This week, I lit up the Miro. Admittedly, I went into this cigar not expecting much - I had heard that the Placeres Reserva was the crown jewel of the Kuuts lineup and (without smoking the Zapata) I believe that to be true - but the Miro never hit 5th gear for me.  There were some enjoyable notes scattered throughout the smoke, but they never really took off for me and I actually found myself getting bored with this cigar by the end so when it went out in the final third, I didn't even bother to relight!

Another week, another set of thoughts.  Have you had any of these? What did you think of them?

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