I picked these up as 5 packs from Cigarbid.com.  These were the Reddit /r/cigars runner up for the April cigar of the month. 


Rich tobacco, cedar and fresh coffee.  The nose on these has me eager to light up. ​


This My Father Le Bijou 1922 is a petite robusto 4.5" x 50.  It's triple capped with a luxurious band that ends up taking up half the length of the cigar.   There are some flat veins visible and an imperfection near the cap where it appears that a bit of a stem is pushing through the wrapper.



The first few draws and I get a mouthful of coffee flavor with a medium tobacco backing and some spice that lingers at the back of my throat.  Outstanding.  The spice drops off  after about ten minutes and there is some leather after taste at the midway point of the first.  The first is extremely enjoyable and the flavors are evenly balanced.​


The middle starts out with a rich sweet tobacco flavor and a creamy mouth-feel on exhale.  What a way to start the middle third.  At the halfway point of the cigar the tobacco strength starts to kick in.  ​ The middle doesn't have more flavors to speak of, just fantastic and evenly balanced. 


The final third is cedar with a full body of tobacco flavor.  There's leather again present on the tongue and it's much stronger than the first.  ​


Burn is razor sharp and the draw hits the sweet spot for the entire duration.  Total smoking time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.​


Singles of the Le Bijou 1922 are just over $6, 5-packs are $30 and a box of 23 approximately $120.  This is a smaller cigar but packs an amazing amount of flavor at a budget price.​

Final Word:

The My Father Le Bijou 1922 by Don Pepin is an outstanding cigar.  There's a fantastic amount of flavor and it's available at a price that every aficionado should be able to afford.   Pick up a 5-pack because after you have one you're going to want another.​


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