I couldn't have been happier. Last week, back at the Detention Bar, friends brought me a Punch Bareknuckle Elites. This was a stick that had long been on my wishlist. I love the size: 5.2" with a 45/64 ring gauge corona. IMO, this is probably the perfect size. Big enough to hold on to. Small enough to smoke in an hour or less. And it had plenty of flavor and body. This is one of my previous cigars from the weekend...

Tasting notes:
Punch Bareknuckle – good build. No real aroma to it, maybe a hint of cedar. Big bang full flavor right off the bat. Coffee, earth, pepper. Good amount of smoke. Hints of cocoa here and there. No real flavor changes through the cigar, but just plays that same trio of flavors in varying strengths-like most Punch cigars. Medium-full body and flavor.

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