The Macanudo Cru Royale Toro was sent to me as a part of a prize pack from a raffle that Leaf And Flame held to raise money for cancer research.  Cancer is something that has affected almost everyone, and has certainly affected me personally including my father and my best friend.​


Picked up some spice, light barnyard, Spanish cedar and sweet tobacco.  Quite a lot going on here, I had to take a few minutes to make sure I was really picking up what I thought I was picking up.​


The Macanudo had lots of flat veins running throughout the length.  The wrapper is a dark chocolate milk color.  There are no visible construction issues.​



First few draws is very sweet tobacco.  So sweet in fact that I can taste the same flavor on the wrapper / cap.  After a few draws a nice mouthful of spice starts.  The halfway point the flavor transitions to a nice creamy mouth-feel.  Overall very enjoyable first third, I'm hoping the rest of the cigar lives up.​


Lots of leather flavor going on in the middle third.  The spice that was present in the first is completely gone, but it's still quite sweet.  The flavors aren't very complex, especially when compared to the first.  Extremely earthy at the halfway point of the middle, stays earthy until the final. ​


A rich flavor of raw nuts as I move into the final third.  The earthy flavor falls off significantly in intensity.  The leather flavor is also still present but also very light in intensity.   Earth picks up again at the halfway point of the last third and doesn't go away.  It became quite bitter near the end, had to let it go out.


The draw was quite good.  The burn was a challenge in the last third as it kept going out.  ​ The smoking time was just under 2 hours.


Singles of the Toro sized Macanudo Cru Royale will run you about $6.50.  5 packs are approximately $28 and a box of 20 are about $112.  This is a solidly priced stick.​

Final Word:

​ I'd describe the Macanudo as a very simple 'one note' cigar.  It's okay and there's nothing wrong with it, but I just don't find anything that stands out in the flavor profile.  If the first third of the cigar carried through the entire experience I would have enjoyed it much more.  As always, taste is extremely subjective, so don't let my review put you off trying the Macanudo for yourself. 


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