Leon Jimenes Robusto Deluxe 5.5X50

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Domincan

I will be honest, I had no clue who Leon Jimenes is, so I was interested to see what this little robusto was all about, being that it appeared to be a Connecticut wrapper.  Color me an ignorant noob when I realized this blend was created to honor the founders of La Aurora, whom cigars I adore, and of Dominican descent.  Seems like I have been drawn to several cigars coming from Miami Cigar Company, and this cigar was no departure.  The brand line has been on the market since 1987, which is odd to me, as I had never seen them before when I grabbed this.  The band caught my eye and typically I trust my gut when I grab a smoke, so after a few months down in the humi it was time to light it up.

Prelight: Very strong dry raisin note, could be fruit or sweetness to some, and a distinct sting is left on my lips

First Third: The initial flavors presented to me were cedar on the tip of my tongue and roof of my mouth.  The dried fruit note I experienced on the dry draw, was there on the retrohale, but not as round or distinct as the raisins I felt were there on the dry draw.  The retro had a little bit of sting to it, but not enough to deter me from experiencing the wonderful fruity aroma it left on my palate.  For the most part the retro introduced the cedar into the fruit notes in a way that was pleasant and complex, without being harsh. The finish was very long, toasty, and mild with the dried fruit mingling with cedar undertones for most of the first third.

Second Third: The profile was well balanced at this point and mellowed a bit.  The sweetness was still there, as well as the cedar and toasty undertones.  Soemtimes I am at a loss to describe a cigar that reminds me of toast, other than the aftertaste really leaves a similar taste of toasted sourdough bread at breakfast.  There were no major changes at this point, or extreme complexity developing, but the three notes that were there signified an excellent blend and balance.  At this point, I would highly recommend this cigar to anyone whom likes mild to medium cigars.  My notes suggested I wished I had a latte, so my next one will probably be a morning cigar with a cup of Joe.

Final Third: The sweetness of the dried fruit left the retro and moved towards the draw.  As I moved through the final third, I finally got the distinct roundness I detected in the dry draw of raisins.  The cedar undertones took over the retrohale, and really lingered on the finish in a mild format.  The raisin note is very distinct on the draw, sitting on the tip and mid tongue, with the end of the finish leaning towards the woodiness of the cedar.  My final notes suggest a clean palate, with no palate burn whatsoever, and an excellent mild-medium cigar.  I found the movement of flavors from different parts of my palate kept my mind interested in the complexity throughout the smoke. 

Construction: No Complaints, perfect burn and draw

Final Thoughts: Well, I think it is apparent that La Aurora is a brand I really enjoy.  Their blending seems to fit my palate well, so I am curious to explore all they have to offer.  This is definitely a cigar that leans to my tastes, as I am a mild-medium fan, Dominican fan, and avid connoisseur of Connecticut cigars.  This is one I would add to my rotation and enjoy on a regular basis at any time of the day.  For the full-bodied smoker, I would suggest it as a morning or afternoon smoke, first of the day.  To the medium clean finish or old school smoker, definitely put it on your to buy list. 

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Comment by 007MI6 on April 30, 2013 at 2:25pm

Sounds like this would fit in well as my weekend morning smoke. Go in with my Solace & CyB rotation. Have to look for one, so I can see this raisin note. :)

Comment by Catfishbluezz on May 1, 2013 at 9:10pm

Yeah bro, the raisin thing is rare, but distinct when you find it.  I've only noted it on a few cigars really, and it seems like they were Dominican.  


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