La Jugada, Gonzo, Vanadium, News From the FDA and La Sirena

I revisited some cigars this week as well as trying a new one and there were some big news stories. I was plagued with migraines at the end of the week, so I took Friday off to recover. I think raw onions are another trigger along with red dye 40 (and maybe the yellow dyes too, not sure about that one). Anyway, I did manage to smoke a few cigars, let me ramble on about them before we get to the important stuff!

Thursday I managed to drive the migraine away with medication and selected a La JugadPrieto Toro from the humidor, the last of the ones the folks at Moya Ruiz Cigars sent me a while back. Of course, I’m a sucker for the Mexican San Andrés wrapper, which this has. When I smoked this cigar last it was between Christmas and New Years, and I thought it had unique Mesquite flavor that I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t get that as much this time, but is certainly stands apart from the typical San Andrés wrapped cigars. It burned well, smoked well and was a very satisfying cigar. It only lasted about an hour, which was pretty short for a 6″ x 52 Toro. Another winner from Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Esteli. (note: I can’t believe I spelled La Jugada incorrectly several times in the original post and nobody called me out on it. I fixed it…it just sucks to have the correct spelling on the band and mis-spell it in the article and title!) This is in the 97 range on my rating scale for sure.

See more at:, ther'e's some important information about the FDA included in the article.

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