Kafie 1901 Don Fernando Maduro V Sixty (5 x 60)    Hello, BOTL! We're back again for another review. This time, a cigar soon to be released from my new friend, Gaby Kafie of Kafie 1901 Cigars. The debut for this cigar is set for two weeks from now, so I get the worm (stick in this case) a little early. Here is a little information about the blend from their site (www.kafiecigars.com):

   The Blend
     This blend was created using a 5 year aged Cuban seed habano maduro grown in Nicaragua and aged in our factory in Honduras.  Binder and filler are aged just as much.  Although the wrapper is dark in color, the cigar is a medium body.  The blend itself is proprietary and we can not go into too much detail.  The tobacco used in our cigars are 100% naturally grown, and naturally aged.  The flavor profile is robust and complex, yet its interpretation comes across very balanced.  This cigar can be enjoyed by all, novice and/or seasoned cigar smokers.    Like the foundation of any great structure, consider this blend the foundation of the Kafie 1901 Cigars line up.
   Let's begin the review: I sniff the cigar and detect a sweet spice, cocoa, and earthiness from the foot. This cigar has a dark brown, oily, toothy wrapper. There are minimal veins and super tight seams. A very clean cut appearance (especially with the band and red fabric ring around the foot). The pre-light draw is smooth with a slight hint of spice, woodiness, and hints of coffee bean.
   I get an instant mouthful of spice and coffee to the palate along with some woody notes. Thin wispy smoke flows in a steady stream from the foot, producing a sweet and smoky aroma. There is a cocoa sweetness on the finish along with red pepper; the sweetness is on my lips, not so much my palate. Almost a light caramel flavor joins the sweetness.
   The draw provides perfect resistance and the ash is a pale gray, almost white. Draw smoke is full and savory and the retro-hale is smoky and peppery. A slight mix of white and red pepper. Not harsh at all. The finish has shortened out as creaminess kicks in alongside cedar notes, pushing all else but the tobacco flavor aside. Woodiness and cocoa do si do around the creamy draw as the retro-hale takes on the cedar and creamy notes. Spice continues to linger on the back of the palate and the finish shortens out and becomes a bit dry, still retaining a bit of cocoa and spices. A light caramel still teases my lips. A quiet cocoa, cedar, and spice have been the dominant flavors in this cigar. The char line has gotten a bit wavy, but has been consistent up to this point. Nothing to fret over.
   Approaching the second third, the cocoa becomes more sweet and definitive. The finish is a tad longer with notes of cedar, coffee, and caramel. Retro-haling is smoother now, and more flavorful. Cream, smoky cedar, and a little spice. A slight nuttiness kicks in, almost a roasted pecan taste. This would be a great fall or winter smoke.
   Creaminess is coming thru the draw stronger alongside the cedar, coffee, and nuts, as the cocoa has backed off. The ash is holding at about two inches and going strong...and damn my mouth. There it goes onto the porch. Red pepper spice returns as the final third approaches; sweet tobacco notes lingering on my lips. The cocoa begins to flare back up, but less sweet; more of a baking cocoa. The char lines has evened out. I taste a slight salty caramel pairing with the cedar. All these flavors have been battling for dominance. Who will win the fight in the final third? Here it comes.
   The band's off, let's see who takes home the nub. Cream, cedar, and cocoa take their first stand. The retro-hale is smoky, smooth, and has a touch of cedar alongside the salty caramel. The finish is still an even length with warm tobacco spice, cocoa, and a smidgeon of coffee. Draw smoke is ultra smooth. Nicotine begins to show its head approaching the nub as warm sweet cocoa and tobacco spice now dominate the flavor profile. Cedar simmers on the back burner of flavors; coffee and caramel dance together hand in hand. I feel like I'm eating a s'mores. The cedar and coffee notes take the place of a graham cracker; you've got creaminess for the marshmallow; and spiced chocolate. Oh, YUM.
   Well, we've reached the end of another tasty cigar. Flavors are swirling together and I'm just now getting the nicotine creeps. Time to bid farewell, little nub! This has been a roller coaster of flavors and textures. I highly recommend grabbing yourself a box of these when they are released in two weeks! Check out the Kafie 1901 Cigars Facebook page here: Kafie 1901 Facebook Page for more information on the upcoming release and more.
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Comment by Matt Ross on July 30, 2013 at 7:25pm

Great review, Nate - thanks!  I just tweeted it out - are you on Twitter?

Comment by Nate Martin on July 30, 2013 at 8:12pm
Thanks Matt! Yeah. It should be @MrMStogieBoy


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