"Almost on whimsy alone, I decided to kick this blog off with a review of a cigar with which I have absolutely no previous experience.  I've heard the J. Fuego 777 mentioned occasionally on a couple of podcasts, but none of my local tobacconists carry the line.  I happened onto a good deal on the coronas (5.5 X 46) in the series, and decided to give them a try.  The Fuego family has been in the tobacco business for well over a century, growing, blending, and ..."     Continue Reading

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Comment by Kyle Hoover on November 5, 2011 at 12:44pm
Dig the review. I was just looking at some of these this weekend bc I thought they were Illusione. They look so similar. I didn't end up buying them...kinda glad I didn't bc I hate having to babysit a cigar throwing a temper tantrum! Runners, canoeing, not staying lit...this is a recipe for one ticked off Ben Jared!
Comment by The Cigarmy (Kip) on November 5, 2011 at 6:56pm

Thanks!  They do look similar - although even at twice the price, I'd pick the illusione myself.  It wasn't that the cigar was terrible - I just don't deal well with having to nurse a cigar along just to smoke it.  I was constantly either relighting or retouching.  It just wouldn't behave.  I have four more of these, and I'll post an addendum if the others are any better.


It also had a hidden nicotine sucker punch - I put it down at the end feeling great, but about 10 minutes later, I got the cold sweats of a solid nicotine hit.  Not something I really enjoy, but I don't take away points from a cigar for that - I'm perfectly willing to take that in exchange for good flavor.


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