The parties during IPCPR are usually pretty amazing. Typically, they will include some free cigars, good music, good company, and free drinks. Below are the parties the Cigar Federation crew attended.

Binion's Rooftop Kickoff Party

Had a good time at this party. I was downtown Vegas, which is my favorite. We went with pretty much the entire House of Emilio. Rob and I got to meet Shorty Rossi, and Rob stepped in Shorty's dogs water bowl. It was pretty funny. Also, we got to meet the team from Arcangel Cigars. There was a BOTL party downstairs, but we didn't attend. Overall, other than standing up the entire time, it was a pretty solid party.

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Charmed Leafat the Double Down Saloon

This was a nightmare. We should have known it was going to be a cluster, based on some things that happened before we left for the party.

1. We asked the cab driver where the Double Down Saloon was, and he had no idea.

2. We asked another cab driver, and he said it wasn't the best place.

You can see from the pictures they sold Ass Juice and had pictures of half naked women with d****'s through their heads. It was so smokey that people were leaving after five minutes. There was no ventilation whatsoever. I smoked a ton of cigars and smoke doesn't effect me at all, but this place brought me to my knees. Also, a cockroach ran up Alan's leg into his pants. We walked outside to get a cab and we found out that cabbies can't get hailed at the bar because there have been too many robberies. Not kidding.

Other than getting six free cigars, which included the Roma Craft CroMagnon Mode 5 & Frank Herrera Biography, this party was a bust.

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Alec Bradley at the Palms Pool

Hands down the best party of IPCPR13. We got three cigars and free drinks all night. The drinks weren't well either, it was pretty much top shelf stuff all night long. The place was packed and was going until 1 AM. I have never been to the Palms Pool, but I think they hire only supermodels for their cocktail waitresses. It was pretty epic.

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