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Viaje Cigars had a "no nonsense" kind of set up at IPCPR this year.  While several booths employed beautiful young ladies to lure in customers, Andre Farkas went with a very simple approach.  The Viaje booth featured a simple displace case containing the new release cigars at the far end, a table with six chairs and a "movie premier" style backdrop.  That's it.  The backdrop was pretty cool, as you can see below.

So what was new from Viaje?  Well, Andre had a few new things for us to check out.  The main new release was the Viaje Cache.  Andre gives the full breakdown in the video below, but basically he said the rooms that they store their tobacco in reminded him of a weapons cache so the idea for the Viaje Cache was born.  Each box of Viaje Cache has a "false bottom" that hides a "hidden cache" of five box pressed cigars.  The five box pressed sticks are hidden under 20 parejo (round) cigars.  Then Andre takes it one step further.  The Cache band has some hidden text on it that can only be seen under a black light. The original idea was to send black light displays to retailers, but that was more hassle than it was worth.  The Viaje Cache will hit shelves within the next few weeks.

In addition the the Cache, Viaje was showing off two additional releases.  The first release in the Collaboration series and the 2014 Satori.  The Collaboration Series is an idea that Andre got from the craft beer industry.  He is a fan of Stone Brewery and they do a Collaboration Series each year where they work with other brewers to produce a limited edition beer.  Andre brought that idea to life with the Viaje Collaboration Series 2014.  For the initial release, Andre teamed up with Casa Fernandez to produce a cigar made entirely of Aganorsa tobacco.  The blend was constructed by Casa Fernandez and Andre "tweaked" it a bit to achieve the profile he was looking for.  The plan is to have a new Collaboration Series every year so I am eager to see who Andre works with in 2015.

The 2014 Satori was on display as well.  This year Andre added a new size to the Satori line.  The Arya, which means "precious" in Sanskrit, is a 4.5 x 48.  The word Satori actually means "enlightenment" and all the names of the different vitolas are rooted in Buddhism.  After we talked about the Satori, the interview went a bit off track.  We talked about cryo-chambers and how Andre's oldest child is three and a half and has been to Vegas five times.  We also discussed doing a Viaje Documentary.  Just watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

This is the part where I get to interject my opinion.  I had never met Andre before and he welcomed me in to his booth like we were old friends.  I had the pleasure of meeting several new people at IPCPR this year and Andre was one of my favorites.  He makes great cigars, as we all know, and he has a great attitude.  If you get a chance to hang out with this guy, do it.

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Comment by Charlie on July 29, 2014 at 4:31pm

I noticed that Cache and Collaboration hit shelves this week, haven't been a huge Viaje fan but I do like certain blends, mainly the lanceros.


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