IPCPR 2013 – Nomad Cigars and a Visit With Fred Rewey at The Wooden Indian

Monday evening I left work and proceeded directly to The Wooden Indian Tobacconist in Havertown, PA where Fred Rewey was having a Nomad Cigars event.   Fred has been travelling in his nomadic way promoting his first Nicaraguan cigar, the limited edition Esteli Lot 1386. Fred told me that this cigar, his first foray into Nicaraguan manufacturing, is meant to be an introduction to the Nicaraguan cigar experience.  I bought a handful and lit one up and enjoyed the heck out of it while I hung around the shop.  After taking more than an hour to make the ride, I was ready for a good smoke.  I enjoyed this cigar so much, I smoked one again Tuesday evening under my normal, take a cigar for a walk, circumstance.  This cigar is made by Noel Rojas (Guayacan Cigars) in his Esteli factory, and the construction is perfect.  It’s a medium bodied smoke, with loads of flavor.  It certainly meets Fred’s goal.  This is a cigar that can be enjoyed by someone who smokes milder cigars for sure, and really hits the spot. I rarely, if ever, smoke the same cigar two days in a row, so you can tell I enjoyed it.  I’m really looking forward to the Nomad S-307, due in the next month or so. Fred gave me a few minutes at theIPCPR show and tells us all about his cigars:

Check out the video and the rest at www.CigarCraig.com!

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