Guest Reviews: The Brick by Toraño and Viaje Exclusivo

As you may or may not know, my father, Paul Vanderslice, passed away on Thursday morning, he would have been 81 today.  I am honored to present not one, but two reviews from honorary Craigs today. These two gentlemen generously lent their talents to give me a day off, which I greatly appreciate. The upside for you, the reader, is that you are treated to some actual cigar reviews. :-) My dad was a career music educator, US Navy veteran, lover of baseball and Moosehead beer, and a good dad. He touched a great many lives in his career, and he worked right up until the end of his life as a church choir director.  We will miss him, and, although he was almost 81, he left us too early. I’ve been dipping into some of my best cigars over the last couple days as I think about life. Please enjoy these reviews from honorary Craigs for a Day, Anthony and Jeff, many thanks to them.

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